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The cost of the official D&D the books are coming up. Wizards of the Coast, the company behind the world’s most popular fantasy TTRPG, has sparked interest in its latest edition. This has included playtest material reviewing certain martial classes to get feedback from the creators on the future of the game. But this D&D price increases may make certain players hesitant to buy when the latest wave of books comes out.

The D&D Price Increase Announcement

According to a recent post in D&D beyond, Wizards of the Coast announced that the next own books will be more and more expensive. The publication claims that the company has tried to keep its book prices stable. However, due to the increase in the cost of products and shipping, their newest releases will be flagged to maintain their quality standards.

The publication indicates the first book affected by the D&D price increases will be Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants. According to WOTC, if you pre-order the physical-digital package of the book on the store’s official page during the pre-order period, it will have an MSRP of $59.99. However, once that period has passed, the MSRP for the package will increase to $69.99. This new price will become the standard for its physical-digital packages. The post also confirmed that this price increase will not affect any digital purchases and that this price increase will not affect any books on the backlist.

Interestingly, WOTC did not provide a breakdown of the details of these D&D price increases or how this would affect individual physical releases. As it stands now, a physical D&D book sells for an MSRP of $49.99 while buying it in D&D Beyond costs $29.99. Given that digital sales won’t be affected, how much more will customers pay just for the individual book at retail? This uncertainty is contrasted with Games Workshop’s announced price increases of its various Warhammer products, which went into detail about which products were affected and why.

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