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a new war tales The roadmap has been revealed by Shiro Games, showing what’s to come to the mercenary RPG in the coming months. A full release for the game is planned for sometime in Q2 2023, but before then you’ll get fast travel, a new Paths system, and much more.

Shiro analyzes what comes to war tales in a new steam release. The developer says that the next community update is “just around the corner”; It is scheduled to arrive in February, although we do not yet have an exact date. That upgrade will bring the ability to fast travel between regions, as well as a trading post to build, camping tool upgrades, and more.

The new and updated Wartales roadmap for 2023

After the February community update, Shiro is looking forward to the release update, which will bring the final improvements to the game along with its 1.0 release. These improvements include the new Alazar region, an increase in the level cap, and new champions and arenas to fight against, as well as new battle maps. In short, it looks like there’s a lot to look forward to this year if you’re a war tales ventilator.

war tales is an open world RPG where you control a band of mercenaries seeking fame and fortune in a dark medieval fantasy world. As you explore, you’ll face bandits, wild animals, and other enemies in strategic turn-based tactical combat, and you’ll also build your team, equipping them with new gear and taking them down paths of specialization that will shift their focus. fight.

Given that war tales Released in Early Access in December 2021, it received a host of updates, including a new city to explore and the addition of cooperative gameplay. If you’re a fan of medieval RPGs and turn-based combat (or one of those), then war tales it’s definitely for you

You can check war tales right now on PC via Steam Early Access, where it will cost you $34.99. The game will be fully released sometime in the second quarter of this year. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more on that release and all things. war tales.

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