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Angron was born the son of the Emperor of mankind, a Primark, and leader of the World Eaters chapter of the Space Marines. During the Horus Heresy Angron was one of the first to betray and take up arms against his father, casting off any semblance of humanity as the war raged until he became a daemon prince, a champion of the blood god Khorne.. Defeated during the Horus Heresy, and like all demons who can never truly die, Angron has shed blood in the name of his god ever since. Arcas of Omen is the next phase of the warhammer 40,000 ongoing narrative and continues with Arks of Omen Angron, where the Red Angel turns their blades against the Empire once more. In this article, we’ll take a look at what’s in the book and what it adds to games of 40K.


What are the Arcas of Omens?

omen arks are a series of warhammer 40,000 books that, in addition to containing details of the next stage of the 40K narrative, it will also include new rules to play, centered on the included narrative campaign.

The Arcas themselves are large space hulks, brought out of the warp by Abaddon and his new ally, the chaos demigod of inventors, engineers, scientists, and craftsmen, Vashtorr, who is the focus of the third book of Arcas of Omen. Abaddon and Vashtorr have twisted these space hulks of their floating mass of dead ships into mighty frigates that Abaddon filled with his warriors and sent out in search of powerful key fragments that would fulfill Abaddon and Vashtorr’s dreams.

In Arks of Omen Angron, Red Angel and a massive fleet of World Eaters have turned their attention to a world that is home to the Choral Engine, an ancient piece of technology that can turn the tide of the long war in the Empire’s favor.

First 4 Warhammer 40K Arks of Omen Books Revealed.

What new rules are there in Arks of Omen Angron?

Games Workshop has said that following player feedback, there will be no new rules in Arks of Omen for standard games, instead, in Arks of Omen, there are rules for a completely new game type, Boarding Actions.

Boarding actions take place in the tight confines of the twisting corridors of space hulks, using the walled-in setting recently found in kill team in the dark and kill team Vault of Shadows. 2 sets of kill team Scenarios are required to play a standard boarding action game, so if you own both kill team sets, you already have all the scenery you will need. If he doesn’t, he warhammer 40,000 The Boarding Action Terrain game will include all the scenery you need to play in one box.

Arks of Omen Angron includes the rules for a variety of forces to use in Boarding Actions, detailed below, along with several new quests, but you’ll need a copy of Arks of Omen Angron for the basic Boarding Actions rules that Arks of Omen Angron is based. You can check out our Arks of Omen Abaddon review here.

The upcoming Warhammer 40K Boarding Actions Terrain Set box.

What factions have rules in Arks Of Omen Angron?

Arks of Omen Angron focuses on a few factions, adds special rules and roster building options for the following:

  • world eaters
  • Chaos Space Marines (including the Alpha Legion, Creations of Bile, Black Legion, Emperor’s Children, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Red Corsairs, and Word Bearers)
  • Space Marines (including Black Templars, Blood Angels, Crimson Fists, Dark Angels, Deathwatch, Flesh Tearers, Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, Raven Guard, Salamanders, Space Wolves, Ultramarines, and White Scars)
  • gray knights
  • Astra Militarum
  • orks

Each included faction has rules for assembling a boarding party, rule adaptations, enhancements, and boarding party stratagems. If your faction is listed as a sub-faction in the list above, you will also get a specific Boarding Patrol and Upgrade Stratagem unique to that sub-faction.

As a Night Lords and Raven Guard player, it’s great to see the In Midnight Clad stratagem, which makes Night Lords units harder to hit, and the Infiltrating Advance, which allows a Raven Guard unit to perform a move action after to be placed in an entrance area. . As the focus of Arks of Omen Angron, World Eaters gain 3 unique upgrades and 6 boarding action stratagems. Our favorite is the direct approach, which allows a Terminator or Eightbound unit to move through a closed bulkhead (which can’t be closed again afterwards) and engage an enemy unit.

The Ultramarines face off against some Black Legion warriors in a Warhammer 40K boarding action game.

What are our final thoughts on Warhammer 40K Arks of Omen Angron?

The narrative in Arks of Omen Angron is excellent and a joy to read. The included rules focus on various factions and really bring out the unique flavor of each, allowing sub-factions to shine in their way of warfare. It would have been nice to have some sub-faction rules for Astra Militarum and Orks, or a unique Stratagem for the Kill Team Imperial Army Breachers who also have rules for 40k.

With the World Eater Codex and new releases coming along with it, it really is a great time to be a follower of the Blood God and some great narrative games can be set up with Gray Knights vs World Eaters in Boarding Actions.

Interior art from Arks of Omen Abaddon showing a fleet battle in space.

Should I buy Warhammer 40K Arks of Omen Angron?

While the narrative in Arks of Omen Angron is glorious, if you don’t play boarding actions then this will hold nothing else for you as a player. If you play boarding actions and not any of the factions included in Angron, then, aside from the narrative and having a heads up about what your opponent might play, this might not be for you either. If you play boarding actions and one of the included factions this will be a great buy. The faction-specific rules add great depth and uniqueness to the different factions, even more so if you’re a World Eaters player.

the copy of Warhammer 40K Coffers of Omen Angron used to produce this review was provided by Games Workshop.

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