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With so much tradition behind Warhammer 40,0000 to unbox and various video games, books, board games, and more, expanding its setting, it’s an intimidating series to get into, no doubt. So of course I know next to nothing about the warhammer 40,000 series… but after playing bolter, I definitely want to learn more. As a fan of boomers, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun for me, and it just so happens that it served as the perfect introduction to the franchise. If you’re No looking to invest in war hammer Lore but I love a good shooter, I still encourage you to try one of the best shooters this year.

warhammer 40k boltgun game
Chaos will fear you.

absolute power trip Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun

While I admit my knowledge of warhammer 40,000 the tradition is scarce, it is difficult No know about the legendary Space Marines. These massive masses of human flesh are empowered by giant armor and their signature chainsword. They practically annihilate everything in their path, and Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun expertly captures the feeling of being an unstoppable killing machine. Indeed, boltgunThe unsung hero of Doom Guy might give you a run for your money.

I immediately noticed that I felt a bit heavier than your average FPS protagonist. It makes sense, after all, because I’m dressed in this bulky armor. The sound design, which is excellent across the board, captures your character’s heavy footsteps immediately. Starting with just a chainsword, you can slice through these puny cultist foes in no time, leaving only hunks of meat behind. Chainsword feels a bit like fatality 2016 and EternalThe brutal melee blows of . Using this cruel weapon launches you towards an enemy and cuts them. Combined with your diverse arsenal of Space Marine weapons, you have a recipe for disaster for your enemies.

The signature boltgun is the first weapon you come across, but it’s also one of my favorites to use. The sound is powerfully satisfying and takes out the smaller cultist enemies, and even some of the strongest enemies in the game. as you go boltgunIn the extensive chapters of , you will come across a diverse arsenal. There is not a single weapon that felt weak and each served its own purpose in battle. The devastating effect these weapons have on the various cultists, daemons, Chaos Space Marines and more creates literal carnage in your wake. As in the case of the heavy footsteps of your Space Marine, the sound design of each weapon exceeded my expectations. The shotgun, probably the second weapon players will encounter in boltgun, it has one of the most satisfying sound effects I’ve heard in a long time. When you reload, the empty shells from your shotgun fall out and create this metallic jingle downstairs. I really can’t stress how satisfying this sound is.

warhammer 40k bolter environment
While each episode looked fantastic in its own way, I have to root for the second half of Episode 1.

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun awesome environments

All of this carnage takes place in some of the most immersive and creative environments I’ve seen in a boomer shooter. I didn’t realize how amazing warhammer 40,000The aesthetic of the era, with these giant metal gothic cathedrals and giant dirty factories and spaceships. The mixture of church-like settings and dark fantasy and science fiction create a spectacle to behold. You will walk through many of these cathedrals while slaying the forces of chaos, and each level was like a new surprise. You will also come across a desert environment during the second chapter and you will finish the third chapter in this gigantic industrial spaceship full of surprises. It’s hard for words to do these levels justice, but these levels evoke the same feelings of wonder I felt while playing one of my favorite boomer shooters, in the midst of evil.

The environments you fight in are a mix of hallways, open environments, and some very creative arenas. One level, for example, takes place in an elevator the size of several city blocks, and some levels almost completely abandon the sci-fi aspect of warhammer 40,000 and give way to some kind of dark fantasy hellscape. The many arenas you will fight in often contain different levels of elevation and avenues to take advantage of in a firefight. Combined with his impressive forward lunge (which allows him to traverse large gaps), the levels are designed to take advantage of this. These levels are packed with tons of ammo, armor, and temporary upgrades for players to pick up, and temporary upgrades are hidden everywhere to power up your weapons for a brief period or even an entire level.

warhammer 40k boltgun
I seriously can’t get over how cool this game looks.

Some may say there is also Lots of pickup trucks scattered across these maps, because I never felt hungry for ammo. However, this must be a very deliberate choice on the part of the developer Auroch Digital. While some boomer shooters require players to use ammo wisely and switch weapons frequently, boltgun gives players an excess. To play into that ultimate power fantasy of being a Space Marine, I see it as the best choice Auroch could have made. You will have to face hundreds of enemies in a given level, from plague toads to armored Chaos fanatics and other horrible monsters, and some of them are quite powerful… but so are you. With these pickups in place, you can continue that power fantasy without feeling too weak, at least, on normal difficulty.

boltgun can, at times, be challenging for players, especially when more powerful enemies start to emerge. The Lords of Change and the Great Unclean Ones will show up and humiliate you a bit, but in the end I always prevailed. This is not a problem for boltgun, although I could see that some of these scenarios are frustrating for some. I only have a few real complaints to boltgun. The first is to switch weapons when you have the Plasma Rifle equipped.

Boomer shooters require players to switch weapons on the fly, and the Plasma Rifle doesn’t switch as quickly for some reason. for all weapons except the plasma rifle, you can change your weapon in the middle of shooting or reloading. For whatever reason, the Plasma Rifle almost refuses to shut down and can really disrupt the flow of combat as a result. Another minor complaint is visibility. lighting in boltgun It can lead to some clarity issues in earlier levels, and with the retro filter on top of that, visibility can be low during combat. Turning the retro filter down didn’t seem to help, but adjusting the brightness a bit more than recommended did show some improvement.

warhammer 40k boltgun
It’s crazy that this is inside a spaceship!

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun | final thoughts

The fantastic part of Games Workshop that allows so many developers and publishers to create games based on the war hammer license is that you end up with an unexpected surprise. despite my lack of warhammer 40,000 knowledge, I really want to learn more about the series. While I admit the story is sparse, the overall aesthetic with boltgunThe excellent level design and addictive gameplay kept me hooked. Chaos better watch out, ’cause boltgun his shot does not miss.

Warhammer: 40,000 Boltguns it was reviewed on PC with a copy provided by the publisher over the course of 9 hours of gameplay; all screenshots were taken during the review process.

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