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Today, Riot Games revealed a new map that will be released with the upcoming Episode 6 of its hero shooter. valorant.

We get our first look at Lotus, the lost city of flowers that was shown in yesterday’s cinematic trailer. It is the ninth map in the game and the first to be released in a few months, since the last one was Pearl in June 2022.

It is set in the Western Ghats of India’s version of Omega Earth, and is inspired by traditional Dravidian architecture.

It includes three sites and mechanics such as revolving doors and destructible walls. You can see it in the trailer below.


Episode 6, titled “Revelationwill be released on January 10, 2023. It will also include a new Battlepass and the “Araxys” skin line inspired by the New Year, Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year.

The Battlepass will come with a classic 9 Lives pistol skin, a Shock Heart spray, and a Folded Wish companion-in-arms, among other rewards. Another mystery is provided by weapons that likely belonged to an unknown alien race that mastered technology and knowledge far beyond what humanity can muster. It will be interesting to see where this leads in future episodes.

valorant It is currently available exclusively for PC.

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