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Today, during their financial conference call for investors and analysts, Ubisoft executives discussed the upcoming lineup of games expected for the current year.

Guillemot mentioned that Ubisoft’s management is “very happy” with the progress the team is making on skull and bones. Regular playtesting is currently taking place through the publisher’s internal program and research with external partners. Development is progressing well and the game will be showcased in the Ubisoft Forward stream on June 12.

Douguet added that the company is very pleased with the polishing and balancing work done on the game and that the feedback from the tests is “really good.”

About xchallengingUbisoft is “very happy” with the outcome of the recent closed beta. Reception from players has been “very good” and while there is still work to be done, Ubisoft now has enough visibility into the game to formally announce that it will launch this fiscal year (in March 2024).

Speaking of the number of developers working on assassin’s Creed, we hear that around 2,000 developers are currently assigned to it.

Guillemot also confirmed that the expected 40% increase in staff working in the AC The franchise will come from reassignment from other games and not new hires, though Ubisoft continues to look to hire “top talent.”

Then we hear that the games coming this fiscal year (Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Avatar: Borders of Pandora, rainbow Six Mobile, skull and bones, The Crew Motor Party, The resurgence of the division, xchallenging, and an “unannounced big game”) They have already been given a lot of time to make sure they are polished and the quality is good. As a result, Ubisoft has good visibility on release windows.

Douguet was asked to clarify which of these games will arrive in Q4 (between January and March 2024), but declined to comment, mentioning that more information will be shared in Ubisoft’s trailer. The company has “strong expectations” of Avatar, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and the unannounced game.

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