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If you’ve always wondered what a flavor might be associated with your favorite Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter Pokemon, the popular Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart has the answer.

Starting April 25, three special “Pokemon Frappe” shakes will be available at 16,500 FamilyMart stores across Japan. Each is associated with a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet entree, Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly.

The price is 350 yen including tax ($2.60 at current exchange rates), and interestingly, each one also comes with a bit of Pikachu in the form of splashes of yellow. It’s worth mentioning that FamilyMart released Pikachu’s own “Pikachu Pineapple Frappe” last summer. Obviously the experiment was a success and they are doubling down.

Pokémon Frappe FamilyMart
Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly’s shakes.

The Sprigatito shake will have a muscatel grape flavor, the Fuecoco shake will have a strawberry and banana flavor and the Quaxly shake will have a Lamune soda flavor.

To celebrate the event, two stores in Tokyo (Sunshine City West and Sumida Oshiage Station) and one in Osaka (Namba Sennichimaedori) will be decorated with images of Pokemon, as can be seen below.

Pokemon Frappe FamilyMart store decoration
An interpretation of the decor of the FamilyMart store near the popular Sunshine City complex in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet It is currently available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and has just received a substantial update that fixes many of its issues, while a DLC has been announced that will feature a new mystery Pokemon. pokemon dream It’s coming this summer too pokemon stadium is coming to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service later this month.

If you’re interested in the franchise beyond the games, we also saw the reveal of a new Pokémon Jet in Japan, operated by ANA.

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