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The world of Achtung! Cthulhu is returning to North Africa. Modiphius Entertainment’s pulpy cosmic horror TTRPG depicts an alternate history in which the WWII Allies fought a secret war against two different secret Axis organizations while attempting to arm the Great Old Ones to win the war. It has been ported to various TTRPG systems, starting with Chaosium call of cthulhuand move to wild worlds, fate coreand the Modiphius 2D20 system. It’s not the only alternate history version of Cthulhu, either. But this new expansion, The Serpent and the Sands, marks a change in support for the TTRPG as it will provide material for both players and GMs in one book.

The snake and the sands for Achtung! Cthulhu

According to a official publication on the Modiphius website, The Serpent and the Sands is both a guide and a campaign for Achtung! Cthulhu. This is important because previous supplements for the pulpy horror TTRPG have always been separated into two groups. The guides would contain information about settings as well as new player options. Whereas campaigns are pre-written adventures packed with key information intended solely for GMs.

But this does not mean that either party will be reduced. The Serpent and the Sands It’s roughly 280 pages thick, with the guide section detailing the North African region, complete with briefings, adventure seeds, bases, and locations for all the major factions. The highlight of the guide, however, is a double-page map and guidebook to the top-secret eagle’s nest “Adlerhorst” in Tunisia. As for player options, they include things like adventurer, player, and diplomat, as well as region-specific traits and talents. Finally, the guide will include new heroes, villains, support NPCs, vehicles, and weapons.

Regarding the campaign The Serpent and the Sands, is a noun. It is a ten-part campaign that will take players from Alexandria to Cairo via Tobruk, visiting forgotten temples and uncovering a sinister plot connected to the ancient Empire of Ophidian.

There is currently no release date or MSRP listed for The Serpent and the Sands

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