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The second scarlet and violet pokemon The ranked season is underway, so it’s time once again to prove that you are the best like no one ever was. As always, there are plenty of rules and restrictions governing what you can and can’t do in this ranked season, which runs through the end of the month.

scarlet and violet pokemonThe first ranked season of kicked off in December and introduced players to the world of competition. scarlet and violet fighting. As you can imagine, the second season rules they are similar to the first; The Series 1 regulations still apply, which means you are restricted to the Paldea Pokedex.

Specifically, numbers 1 through 375 and numbers 388 through 392 are allowed. That means while you can use the sea-dwelling mob duo Dondozo and Tatsugiri, the Paradox Pokemon that follow in the Pokedex are out, as are the four Ruinous Quartet legendaries, the two box legendaries, and the two most powerful Paradox monsters in the finale of Paldea’s Pokédex.

The player taking to the skies on Koraidon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
You can ride Koraidon to your heart’s content, but you can’t use it on scarlet and violet ranked battles.

There are various levels of rewards to earn based on where you land on the leaderboard. Here is a list of everything you could earn based on your performance in scarlet and violet pokemonThe second ranked season!

  • Beginner Level: 5000 League Points
  • Poke Ball Level: Tera Blast TM, 10,000 League Points
  • Big Ball Level: Tera Blast TM, Bottle Cap, Skill Capsule, 30,000 League Points
  • Ultra Ball Level: PP Up, Gold Bottle Cap, Bottle Cap, Ability Capsule, 60,000 League Points
  • Master Ball Tier: PP Max, Gold Bottle Cap, Bottle Cap x3, Ability Patch, 100,000 League Points

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the start of Series 2, which will let you use Paradox Pokemon. That, according to serebii, starts in February with the advent of season 3. Wording a bit confusing, isn’t it? All you need to know is that today marks the start of the second Ranked Season and next month marks the third, with the rules changing to Series 2 regulations.

In another part of the world Pokemona new season of the anime starts today on Netflix. Please note that this is not Ash Ketchum’s final journey; that doesn’t air until next week in Japan, so you have a little more time to say goodbye to everyone’s favorite trainer and his adorable Pikachu.

More in the mobile AR game pokemon goMeanwhile, a new event is underway that allows you to chase down and trap Mega Salamence, as well as search for a Zekrom that knows a powerful special move. There are also cute Fairy and Dragon-type Pokemon to keep an eye out for when taking snapshots, so be sure to check back in the game if that’s something you’re interested in!

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