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If you are a strategy buff and have been waiting for the next The Great War: Western Front release date to be announced, then you’re in luck. The World War I-set RTS is coming to PC on March 30, and you’ll have the chance to experience it via a demo at Steam Next Fest next week.

for steam adif you pre-order The Great War: Western Front, you will have the opportunity to play it three days before. In addition, there is a special edition of Victory available that includes a “detailed digital field guide” for additional information, as well as a wallpaper pack and a copy of the original soundtrack. You can watch the official pre-order trailer for The Great War: Western Front here.


Petroglyph game will offer a mix of RTS terrain gameplay and grand strategy master. You will take control of your troops in the field, guiding them through battles and having a permanent impact on the battlefields you are fighting on. After this, you will transition into the role of theater commander, where you will make large-scale decisions that will affect the outcome of the war.

In addition to the main campaign, which will allow you to play both sides of the Great War, you can also enjoy the “Historical Battles” mode, which allows you to relive key battles throughout history interspersed with footage from the Imperial War archives. . Museum. Being an RTS, you can of course also head into multiplayer and test your mettle against other commanders online.

The Great War: Western Front lands on PC via Steam and the epic games store on March 30, with early access available from March 27 if you pre-order the game. During next week’s Steam Next Fest, a demo will be available on Steam, so you can give this RTS a try and see if it’s the game for you. The demo will let you play through part of the tutorial and campaign, as well as a single historical battle in the form of Passchendaele.

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