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Dungeons and Dragons continues to keep pace as more details are released about the upcoming anthology book Golden Vault Keys They were revealed yesterday. This book was first announced last year during the virtual Wizards Presents. At the time all we knew about this anthology is that it would be “Ocean’s Eleven meets D&D in this book of short adventures that revolve around heists.” More information about this book was revealed yesterday, including the art, scope, and most importantly, the release date.

What is it Golden Vault Keys?

Golden Vault Keys is an anthology book of 13 different small-scale heist adventures for groups to participate in. The book will have heists for characters from level 1 to level 11. Like other anthology books, the emphasis is on creating adventures that DMs can launch. in either scenario, because of that, each of these adventures will have plot hook hints that the DM could weave into their own tabletop narrative by leading players to a place to steal that could be anywhere in the Forgotten Realms, Ebberron or any other. another place in the known or unknown Dungeons and Dragons universes.

The standard and alternate cover art for Keys from the Golden Vault

These heists don’t just need to be executed as one-off adventures, as there’s a common thread between them as well; the Golden Vault, an organization the group can work for that assigns them new jobs and provides them with more information. To keep things fresh, Wizards of the Coast has explained that all of these adventures will give the party multiple options for approaching any situation, allowing not only your players the freedom to plan a heist however they want, but also for the DM for detailed information for each of the possible paths to success.

When is Golden Vault Keys releasing?

The product page for Golden Vault Keys confirms that the release date of this new anthology will be February 21, 2023, in just under a month. Golden Vault Keys follows previous anthology books mysteries of the chandelier Y Journeys through the Radiant Citadel.

While this announcement seemingly came out of nowhere, it’s understandable among the current drama surrounding Open Gaming License (OGL) 1.2 that making a big announcement for a new book could be seen as not reading the room.

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