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In May 2021, Chip Theory Games announced that they were developing The Elder Scrolls: The Betrayal of the Second Age. While this isn’t the only officially licensed tabletop adaptation of Bethesda’s beloved fantasy RPG series, Chip Theory’s project is something of a prequel, allowing players to interact with the world of Tamriel over the course of the turbulent times of the Second Era. Because of this, they consulted extensively with Bethesda and Zenimax Media to ensure authenticity. Now, it seems that attention to detail has paid off, and the project became a huge success on the Backerkit platform.

The Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era Backerkit campaign

He backerkit campaign for The Elder Scrolls: The Betrayal of the Second Age it was released on March 27. As mentioned above, the board game is a cooperative experience, allowing 1-4 players to play as one of the iconic races of the elder scrolls series and explore the world of Tamriel together. The game will include complex maps representing different regions and complex dungeons, as well as classic creatures, unique items, rulebooks, and bulletins, all to help bring players into the world of Tamriel.

The different levels of commitment to The Elder Scrolls: The Betrayal of the Second AgeThey are few but impressive. They are the following:

  • Base game pledge for $195: A copy of the base game and all additional objectives unlocked
  • Game Pack for $230: A copy of the base game, all expanded objectives unlocked, and the Valenwood expansion
  • All inclusive package for $400: Everything in the Gameplay Bundle, an art book, a playmat, an embossed dice tray, weighted health tokens, and upgraded token bags

It should also be noted that Chip Theory Games’ reputation for production transparency with its audience still lives on here. In a recent update to the page, they did a five-hour live stream where they did a Q&A session, as well as a live replay of the current version of the game. They even talked openly about the challenges to ensure that each element of the game reaches its level of quality.

The objective of the campaign The Elder Scrolls: The Betrayal of the Second Age it was $75,000. That goal was achieved in two minutes and twenty-nine seconds. As of this writing, the project has raised $1,976,949, more than 26 times the campaign goal, and has only continued to rise. The campaign will conclude on April 23.

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