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the blow Harry Potter video game, Hogwarts Legacy, It is a huge and magical open world adventure, full of many fascinating characters. Among them are a handful of characters who will join the players on their adventures through Hogwarts and the surrounding area. These characters often come in the form of students as players complete multiple quest lines for certain characters, unlock new items and bond more closely with their friends. Each companion offers unique quest lines that are all fun to play. So without further ado, here are the best companies in the Hogwarts legacy.

6. Amit Teker

Photo: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

We first meet Ravenclaw student Amit Thacker in astronomy class, where we quickly learn that our companion has a fascination for stargazing, allowing player and Amit to bond over Amit teaching us how to use astronomy charts, who even gives players his own telescope. However, as knowledgeable and interesting as Amit is, the Ravenclaw Disciple isn’t the greatest fighter, as players will often find Amit pretty useless in battle, and it’s better to hear about your dangerous ventures in the deadly open world.

Also, Amit doesn’t join the player on many missions compared to the other characters on this list, and the missions that Amit does join you on are relatively lackluster.

5. Professor Fig Legacy
Image: Warner Bros, Interactive Entertainment

The wise Professor Eleazar Thana, helps the player throughout the many missions in the main story as he discovers the secrets of ancient magic. Professor Pig is the first character the character players meet and we quickly bond with him as he acts as the players mentor, teaching us the basics of the game. With a fig by their side, the players form an instant attachment to the skilled wizard, creating a relationship very reminiscent of Dumbledore and Harry Potter. Professor Pig sadly met his sad end after helping players unravel the mystery of ancient magic. Professor Thana, you will be missed.

4. Let’s get out Legacy
Photo: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

As a Gryffindor, Natsai Unai is unsurprisingly a kind-hearted and selfless character whose fierce sense of justice leads the players on a deadly quest with her. Natty is an incredibly powerful witch who, after attending the world’s greatest wizarding school, Uagadou, Natty doesn’t even need to use her wand to cast spells.

Nati’s quest line is highly entertaining and engaging, as Nati’s deeply personal quest for justice sends players on deadly missions, fighting waves of dark wizards. However, we soon learn Natti is also an animagus as she shows her courage by sacrificing herself for the player. Although she is not dead, her rescue of the player is memorable.

3. Ominis Gaunt Quests
Photo: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Aminis has one of the best character arcs in the game, and for a Slytherin, Aminis has a lot of heart and ambition. Ominis’ beliefs make his belonging to the house feel quite far-fetched, which does make for a much more compelling companion. As an ardent disbeliever in dark wizards, Ominis often finds himself at odds with his longtime friend, Sebastian Slow.

During the game, players will learn about the tragic childhood of Ominis and the evil nature of the Gaunt family, which plays a large part in Harry Potter Bible.

2. Poppy candy Legacy
Photo: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Poopy Sweeting, is a compassionate and adoring character that we just don’t have enough of. Her charm and love for animals are endearing and are one of the many reasons why we love her. We first meet the Hufflepuff student during the animal lesson and from there she takes us on many epic journeys, when we meet new animals and rescue dragons. Her determination to stop the growing poaching trend is admirable as she puts her life on the line for the welfare of the wandering whimsical animals Hogwarts legacy.

1. Sebastian Slough

Photo: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Internet sensation and Slytherin heartthrob Sebastian Salo is a complex, lovable and emotional character whose tragic and compelling character arc has players everywhere falling head over heels for him. Sebastian’s intentions are good, as players embark on a quest to save Sebastian’s sister from a terrible curse, by any means necessary. Only this means exploring the most sinister and dangerous aspects of wizarding world.

Along the way, Sebastian offers to teach the players the Unforgivable Curses, making his story incredibly important to those who want to learn them. Sebastian’s arc is morally gray as Sebastian sadly turns completely to the dark arts, eventually killing his own uncle. While we may not agree with Sebastian’s choices, we admire his heart.

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