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Combat is the most fun to do in dead island 2, and weapons are super important when it comes to enjoying combat. Whether you’re looking for a specific type of weapon or just something powerful enough to turn heads, getting your hands on the right weapon can make all the difference. This guide to the 6 best weapons in the game and where to find them will help you improve your zombie mauling arsenal.

Before we get into the guide though, if you want to hear our thoughts on the game then you should check out our review.

Dead Island 2’s best weapons and where to find them

The weapons on this list are ranked not only by their damage and effects, but also by how much pain in the butt it is to get the weapon in the game. Here are the 6 best weapons that you can pick up in Dead Island 2.

6. Blood Rage

Dead Island 2 menu with a cyclonic knife in the center and several boxes containing statistical information about the weapon surrounding the image.
It looks cool, but you feel a bit like you’re poking zombies with a stick while using it.

Blood Rage is a legendary headhunter’s knife shaped like one of those real-world cyclonic knives that appeared in certain news publications a few years back. This thing is pretty powerful, has a decent bleed effect, and still has a couple of slots open for flexibility. The only issues with the knife are that it has a bit of a jerky attack animation and a small hitbox that makes it a bit difficult to use, and the fact that you can’t unlock it until very late in the game, so you won’t. have it for so long.

where to get it

To get your hands on Blood Rage, you need to complete the Lost & Found Fool’s Gold quest, as this knife is the quest reward for completing that story.

5. Jade Dragon

Dead Island 2 menu showing a long-handled blade in the center surrounded by boxes containing information about the blade's damage and effects
It kind of ruins the elegance of the weapon by stapling some metal to it, but it’s also better for taking the arms off zombies, so what are you going to do?

Jade Dragon is another great weapon, although this time it’s a bit easier to use than Blood Rage. This weapon is a fancier version of a whisper blade, doesn’t have any elemental affiliations to speak of, and even increases toughness while wielding it. That makes him a perfect candidate for anyone trying to ensure even coverage of different damage and elemental effects across their arsenal. The only minor downside is that you can’t get this weapon until quite late in the game, especially when compared to the other entries on this list.

where to get it

To acquire Jade Dragon, you will need to start Sarah Sheppard’s questline and complete the quest “Terror of Sound Stage 7”. You should listen to Sarah over the radio at one of her random safe houses when she visits after a certain point in the story. Unfortunately, this quest is pretty much at the end of the entire questline, so you’ll have to complete multiple quests to get the weapon.

4. O-kami and whiskey

Dead Island 2 menu showing a katan in the center surrounded by boxes filled with statistical information about the weapon.
This thing can really go at a pace, and that extra limb damage comes in handy when paired with mayhem-triggered ability cards.

While the pun-based name takes it down a few notches (or up a few notches, depending on your perspective), O-kami and Whiskey is still an awesome weapon for dead island 2. You can get it relatively early as long as you’re picky about checking out side quests, and it offers plenty of open spaces for you to customize and the added bonus of increased limb damage and durability. If you accentuate these characteristics, you become almost unstoppable, although if you lean towards attack speed, that extra durability won’t do you much good for long.

where to get it

To acquire O-kami and Whiskey, you’ll need to revisit Ricky’s house in Beverly Hills and start your quest chain as soon as you get the option. This weapon is a reward for completing the quest chain, but you can do it relatively soon if you keep checking in with him every few story quests.

3. Raven

Screenshot of the Dead Island 2 menu showing a crudely modified modern military rifle in the center surrounded by boxes containing detailed statistical information about the weapon.
Considering how early you can grab this thing, it’s a pretty impressive option for headshot-hunting assassins.

Raven is a powerful and modern weapon that you can unlock relatively early in the game considering how powerful it actually is. Not only is it a Sharpshooter-style rifle that increases damage while looking through the scope, but its unique ability grants stacking bonuses for each shot it lands. So as long as you keep hitting things, you’ll keep doing more and more damage. The downside is that this isn’t so good for you if you’re not the right type.

where to get it

To get Raven, you need to complete the Lost & Found My Mailman Was a Zombie quest, which can be activated as soon as the weapons are unlocked and you find the clipboard in Bel-Air next to the mail truck.

2. Black Magic

Screenshot of the Dead Island 2 menu showing a baseball bat covered in colorful tattoo-style artwork, as well as crude pipe-based mods.  The bat is surrounded by boxes containing statistical information about the weapon's properties.
If this list was based on style points alone, this weapon might have taken the number one spot.

If you haven’t come across Black Magic yet, then you’re missing out. This weapon not only has a great sound and feels like most baseball bats in the game, but it also does great damage and increases attack speed and damage every time you kill a zombie. Combined with the added bulldozer quality that makes all strong attacks critical, you can be pretty sure enemies are going to go down. Obviously, if you’re playing as a Frenzy character like Jacob, this might not work as well for you, but damn if it still doesn’t look good.

where to get it

To get this weapon, you must find its zombified owner in Venice Beach and break into her workplace. We have written a guide on how to get Black Magic in your hands on dead island 2 to help you out a bit if you get stuck.


Screenshot of the Dead Island 2 menu showing an antique rifle surrounded by boxes containing statistical information about the weapon.
Not only is it a fancy looking rifle, but it also needs heavy ammo and removes body parts in seconds.

If you haven’t come across Curtis Sinclair and his signature heavy rifle before, then you’re missing out on a great weapon. This thing not only looks extremely cool, but it packs so much punch that it will literally poke holes into zombies from a distance. Even the specials can’t cope with this, no matter how far along you are in the game. The only major drawback here is that it suffers from reduced ammo and accuracy, but who needs to aim when you can fire from the hip and pray?

where to get it

To obtain this beast, you will need to complete the Curtis Sinclair questline. You can start by meeting Curtis through his intercom in Bel-Air at the start of the game. Be sure to save him and visit him from time to time at Emma’s mansion. After a while, it will start giving you side quests, and you will have to complete the Creature Comforts quest to finally get your hands on Peggy.

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