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A new indie TTRPG adventure is coming soon to Kickstarter. Both Zinequest and Cat Sith Press will introduce prospective players to a classic dungeon crawling adventure with a haunted house twist: The curse of Abimond Manor. Furthermore, it is a system-independent adventure, which means that you can experience this journey on almost any TTRPG system of your choice.

The Haunting of Abimond Manor Kickstarter Campaign

According to their official press release, The curse of Abimond Manor is an OSR (Old School Revival) dungeon crawling horror fantasy adventure. It is centered around the titular Abimond Manor on the outskirts of the village of Wraicdale. The mansion is overrun by hordes of the undead and corrupted by dark magic. A group of adventurers will have to face the rooms of the mansion, fend off these terrors and race against time to end the spread of dark magic before it’s too late. The adventure was developed by Cat Elm and is inspired by The Haunting of Hill House and the one shot Strahd must die tonightt.

As mentioned earlier, The curse of Abimond Manor The adventure can be placed in any fantasy adventure setting or system. It can be used as a side mission in a larger campaign, or as a standalone horror adventure. The adventure rules are also system independent, which means GMs will have to do a bit of legwork to convert monsters and items. The only restriction is that the system must feature magic, monsters, and traveling adventurers. Like other Zinequest products, The curse of Abimond Manor will be physically released. The adventure will run an estimated 24 pages, including maps, monster and item descriptions, as well as unique artwork. Finally, the adventure’s unique selling points are the time-based restrictions, which give players a sense of urgency, a classic haunted house atmosphere, and three unique animal NPCs that adventurers can befriend.

He kickstarter campaign for The curse of Abimond Manor it is activated on February 1 and will end on February 21.

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