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If you’re a fan of indie games like us, there’s an endless stream of fantastic and unique games that you can really dive into. Offering unique worlds, mechanics, and stories to explore from small, passionate teams of developers creating incredible experiences for gamers like you, we wanted to take some time to showcase some indie games that are worth your attention and wish lists.

With that, we’re introducing our first ever TechRaptor Indie Spotlight, packed with 18 minutes of nothing but games for you to check out.


Links to the 14 different games in this video:

We’re excited to get this first Indie Spotlight off the ground, and each of these games was handpicked by our team to feature in this first edition of Spotlight. In the future, we will release a new video with new games. every quarter! That’s right, every February, May, August, and November, you’ll get a new video featuring upcoming or recently released indie games to check out. We’re excited to start working directly with the developers to get exclusive trailers for upcoming issues and show off as many games as we can with each video.

We’ll post them right here on TechRaptor, so be sure to bookmark the site and follow us on Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok to stay up to date on the latest. This first time around, we won’t be doing more than trailers, but we hope to expand this showcase into something that helps amazing indies grow and spread the word!

Thanks for tuning in, and see you in August!


Developers/PR: If you are interested in having your game potentially featured, please contact indies(at) We can’t guarantee a game will turn into one of these videos, but we’ll definitely check it out!

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