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2022 was a fantastic year for gaming. When we picked our nominees, we couldn’t help but notice how amazing it was for indies in particular, who make up three of our ten nominees this year. That points to the best of 2022, the incredible array of great games that came out. From the vast epic of Elden Ring to the intimate storytelling of NORCO and the addictive simplicity of Vampire Survivors, there was something amazing for everyone to enjoy.

Here are TechRaptor’s Game of the Year nominees for the best game of the year whose sum of their parts is greater than any other.

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Readers’ Choice Winner – Elden Ring

Developer: FromSoftware | Release Date: February 25, 2022

This may be the least surprising result of our entire award process. Elden Ring released in early 2022 and absolutely dominated the gaming world, garnering a huge amount of praise from fans and critics alike. It’s the pinnacle of FromSoftware design, refining challenging boss fights, reinvigorating an often outdated open-world formula, and it’s all wrapped up in its best presentation yet.

Fifth Place – Neon White

neon white

Developer: Angel Matrix | Release Date: June 16, 2022

Written by Austin Suther

I have talked neon white for Indie Game of the Year, and it was well deserved. Just as well deserved is its spot in TechRaptor’s Game of the Year. In fact, we gave it a 10/10 earlier this year, so it should come as no surprise to those reading our reviews. With other strong contenders, neon white it still manages to stand out from the pack as an amazing title.

If you’re looking for something more compelling, check out the “Game Maker’s Toolkit” YouTube channel. Mark Brown offers an excellent analysis like what neon white it’s such a special game; in fact, he called it the most innovative title of 2022. I’m not going to argue with it because I tend to agree: the way neon white it pushes you to run fast without even realizing it’s a feat.

Fourth Place: Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the forgotten land

Developer: HAL Lab | Release Date: March 25, 2022

Written by Austin Suther

He Kirby The formula has remained fairly consistent over the past decade, with the occasional derivative thrown into the mix. But for the most part, HAL Laboratory plays it safe with the pink bean bag. There is no doubt, the typical Kirby the gameplay loop is fun and makes for a solid title, but Kirby and the forgotten land brings a much-needed variation to the series.

With a more open level design by abandoning the linear and side-scrolling nature of the usual Kirby levels makes this a refreshing and fun experience. Kirby’s signature sucking ability still grants him the powers of his enemies, but Snack Mode adds a fun twist. Kirby can absorb cars, traffic cones, vending machines, and more, granting him the ability of these items. It’s not too dissimilar to his usual copy ability used on enemies, but seeing Kirby’s mouth covering an entire car is a sight to behold.

the tradition of Kirby and the forgotten land it also offers an intriguing narrative for those who seek it. What is this dilapidated “forgotten land” and why does it resemble our own world? Where are the people? Why is everything abandoned? It’s spooky and makes each area and its levels a joy to explore.

Third Place – Marvel Snap

wonder snap

Developer: Second Supper | Release date: October 18, 2022

Written by Giaco Furino

marvel snap is one of those rare digital card games that pops up from time to time and makes even the most hard-core table gamers sit up and take notice. What Hearthstone either kill the needle, is a “card game” that simply wouldn’t work in a purely physical form and is only made better by being brought to life digitally. With incredibly fast and snappy gameplay, a plethora of cards to collect and upgrade, and monthly events that introduce new cards and give veteran players something to strive for, play marvel snap it never feels like a routine (even when you’re working to open the next Collector’s Reserve).

Second place: God of War Ragnarok

god of war ragnarok

Developer: Santa Monica Studio | Release date: November 9, 2022

Written by Samantha Plaisance

You’d think that beating the original games in the God of War it would be next to impossible, but somehow Sony Santa Monica took what we know and love from the past and brought it to a whole new light. With Kratos’ son, Atreus, god of war ragnarok it tugs at even the strongest human heartstrings. From seeing the beloved Fenrir on his last legs to traversing the snow hoping to live another day, the game is not only deep but simply captivating.

With several sweat-inducing combat sequences, a soundtrack that fits every tone and moment, and a complex plot, it makes it hard to believe this game came in second. Even so, god of war ragnarok It not only lives up to its predecessors, but may even have surpassed them with its engaging puzzles and RPG elements.

Winner – Elden Ring

elden ring

Developer: FromSoftware | Release Date: February 25, 2022

Written by Roberto Scarpinito

In the first weeks of its release, elden ringThe online presence of was almost as massive as the game itself. No one could help it, and that rampant word of mouth led to 12 million units sold in just over two weeks (in September, exceeded 17.5 million units). After a decade of building a cult following into a respectable fan base, FromSoftware’s famously difficult action RPGs have made it big, and deservedly so.

Despite the daunting difficulty, elden ring promises the player absolute freedom, and therein lies the key to success. If there’s a tough boss north of you, he scouts south. If you’re getting bored of your speedy katana, why not respect and give that heavy mallet a try? If bears in the woods aren’t your thing, he turns things around and discovers a huge underground world to explore.

The sheer number of viable builds, varied landscapes, and ferocious enemies are staggering. No two games will be the same, and each discovery will keep you wondering about the next one right around the corner. elden ring it may goad you into putting your foolish ambitions to rest, but that only makes each victory that much more satisfying, cementing it as TechRaptor’s 2022 Game of the Year.

Dark souls but open world” was once a great promise; now, it’s something we can’t wait to see more of, either elden ring DLC or a full sequel.

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