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This guide will break down the surviving the abyss Pop-up events we’ve discovered and explain what each of the options will get you.

I eat surviving the abyss Emerging Events Work

surviving the abyss Emerging events are decisions that you will have to make at random intervals throughout the game, usually centered around a specific building in your base.

In some cases, there are “good” options that will give you a buff in exchange for some resources or other penalties. In some cases, however, there are no good options, there are only bad options, and you will have to select the lowest penalty.

Surviving the Abyss Emerging Events Guide - Coal Event
Pop-ups are usually worth it, but there’s a chance they’ll fail, and sometimes there aren’t many good options.

surviving the abyss Pop Up Events List

Here is a list of all surviving the abyss Pop-up events that we have found in the early access preview of the game.

Birthday Party

A message appears stating that someone is having a birthday party and requests food for that party.

  • Of course, take as much food as you need.
  • Take half the required amount.
    • Result – Food -10, Relations with the crew +0
  • No, we can’t afford it.
    • Result – Relations with the crew -5

If you can do without food, choose the “Of course, take as much food as you need” option. Food is much easier to recover compared to crew relations in most situations.

coal seam

The Coal Extractor team discovers an unusually hard seam of coal. You have two options:

  • Let the crew assess the coal seam.
    • Result: gain coal, -1 crew, +30 research data points
  • Try to remove the vein.
    • Result: Coal obtained, Coal extractor damaged.

Either option will have some negative consequences, but you will get Coal with both options. However, it is preferable not to lose any crew, especially since you can easily earn research points otherwise.

Copper for your thoughts

One researcher claims that they can improve power production with enough of the correct resource. Using Iron will give you a small buff and using Copper will give you a bigger buff.

critical malfunction

A message comes in that a building has suffered a malfunction.

  • Continue
    • Result: damaged building

The Building will be damaged after this Emerging Event takes place. You will need to click the Repair button to get the building working again.

Buildings that are not 100% staffed (including scientists and engineers) are vulnerable to critical failures. Make sure all buildings have all Crew Assignment slots occupied to prevent this pop-up event from happening.

Something moving above the installation

A message appears warning that something “unusually large” is moving over the building.

  • Continue
    • Result: Unlock the UV-C light research, activate the anomaly’s attacks.

Once this pop-up event happens, you will be vulnerable to the anomaly’s attacks. You will need to investigate the UV-C light and turn it on to repel further attacks.

Stomach virus

A message appears stating that some crew members have a stomach virus and are unable to work.

This popup appears to be broken in the early access preview of the game. However, it can be inferred from the description that the intended result is some members of your crew getting sick, requiring you to do research and build a hospital to cure them. That will be the likely solution when this Emerging Event is implemented correctly.

That’s the end of our surviving the abyss Emerging Events Guide. Be sure to check out our other guides too!

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