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This surviving the abyss Dark Glows Biome will detail the aquatic life and resources you can find in this mysterious underwater paradise.

What is the Dark Glow Biome? surviving the abyss?

He surviving the abyss The Dark Glows Biome represents your first real opportunity to get oil, a major improvement for power generation compared to coal. If you have carefully planned your expansions, you will be able to take a relatively short trip to acquire this new resource from your first outpost in Coral Reef or Kelp Forest.

If you manage to find some oil, you’ll be able to build a slightly more substantial outpost here compared to the coral reef or kelp forest. This biome is also home to some of the rarer resources that you will need to obtain more advanced technology, such as copper and aluminum. This further incentivizes building a somewhat stronger foundation here compared to other biomes.

Of course, your main mission is cloning and the Dark Glows biome is something of a mixed bag. You will have easier access to genetic material for both scientists and engineers, but all of these genetic strains have a relatively high probability of mutation. You should consider cloning aquatic life here as a last resort – there are much better options for cooking scientists and engineers in the Basalt Columns Biome and Volcanic Biome.

How To Survive The Abyss Dark Glows Biome Guide - Aquatic Life & Resources

surviving the abyss Glow in the Dark Biome Aquatic Life

  • European Conger (Engineer 15%, 1 use, 11% chance to mutate)
  • Atlantic Silver Hatchetfish (Scientific 11%, 1 Uses, 9% Chance to Mutate)
  • Sperm Whale (Scientific 15%, 1 use, 13% chance to mutate)
  • Giant Squid (Generalist 38%), -1 uses, 0% chance to mutate
  • Anglerfish (Engineer 28%, 1 uses, 10% chance to mutate)
  • Crowned Medusa (Scientific 28%, 1 use, 10% chance to mutate)

surviving the abyss Dark Glows Biome Resources

  • Concrete (Rare)
  • Coal (Rare)
  • Quartz (Rare)
  • Copper (Rare)
  • Aluminum (Rare)
  • Lead (rare)
  • Oil (rare)

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