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This Survival: Fountain of Youth The book locations map guide will tell you where you can find books and how you can use them to improve your skills!

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It is said that knowledge is power, and Survival: Fountain of Youth embrace that axiom wholeheartedly. While you can power up your character by crafting powerful medicines or learning new survival skills, there are some special benefits that can only be acquired by finding hidden books throughout the world. Read on to see where you can find them!

As Survival: Fountain of Youth Books Work

Survival: Fountain of Youth Books, once found, can be consumed to permanently upgrade one of your abilities with a unique buff. Each Book is associated with a particular Skill and will unlock a new skill for that Skill that you couldn’t get otherwise.

Books are not instantly consumed like recipes – you need to perform a task for 10 hours to read them. When you do, the Book will be destroyed and added to the Books You’ve Read list in the menu.

Survival: Fountain of Youth Reserve Locations – Bird Region

Here are all the Book Locations in the Bird Region in Survival: Fountain of Youth.

Island of Hope Book Locations

Survival: Fountain of Youth Book Locations Map Guide - Island of Hope Top
Survival: Fountain of Youth Book Locations Map Guide - Island of Hope Fund

  1. Book of St. Albans (Fishing Skill)
  2. Letters to Lucilius (Athletics Skill)
  3. The Book of the Hunt (Shooting Skill)

Lonely Rock Book Locations

Survival Book Locations Map Guide: Fountain of Youth - Lonely Rock

  1. Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine (Medicine Skill) – Inside the cave, next to a skeleton.

Sunken Ship Book Locations

  • A Journey Beyond the Three Seas (Swimming) – Interior of Santiago. You will need the key to the door at the bow of the ship. Watch out for sharks and jellyfish!

We hope you have found our Survival: Fountain of Youth Book Locations Map Useful Guide. Be sure to check out our other guides too!

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