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TO Monster Hunter: World Iceborne The board game comes from Steamforged Games. This announcement continues the studio’s reputation for producing custom board games and expansions based on popular video game licenses such as horizon zero dawn, resident Eviland Dark souls. This project will be a direct follow-up to the successful crowdfunded Monster hunter board game developed by the same studio in 2021.

Advertisement for The Monster Hunter: World Iceborne board game

According to an official press release from Steamforged Games, the Monster Hunter: World Iceborne board game will be a standalone experience based on the Monster Hunter: World expansion. Like its predecessor, you and up to three other friends will continue to work together to defeat giant monsters just like in Capcom’s action RPG. You will do this through strategic card-based combat. The more monsters you kill, the better weapons you can craft, allowing you to hunt bigger monsters.

A close up of a Rajang miniature on a pedestal from the Monster Hunter: World Iceborne board game
I can’t wait to hear how this thing transports an entire team.

Regarding the new in the Monster Hunter: World Iceborne board game, there are a few things. Like the game’s expansion, your hunts will take place across frozen and snowy tundras, which will affect both the types of monsters you hunt and how you’ll deal with them. Additionally, players will have access to the Clutch Claw, giving them increased mobility in these arenas. Finally, this board game will introduce a popular mechanic from the series: Turf Wars. This is where a monster hunt can be interrupted by other invading monsters, leading to chaotic clashes of collateral damage.

“We are beyond excited to continue our journey through the Monster Hunter: World universe. There are a lot of great Monster Hunter fans on the team, and it’s been a pleasure to see how well the first board game has been received as an authentic and faithful adaptation. Now, we’re dedicated to bringing Iceborne to life on the tabletop in a way that does justice to the unique experience of hunting monsters across the frozen wastelands. Prepare your Clutch Claws!” – Mat Hart, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Steamforged Games

The Kickstarter campaign for the Monster Hunter: World Iceborne The board game will be released on May 18, 2023.

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