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Third-party developers released some new plugins for Microsoft Flight Simulator today, including a rather… strange one.

Captainsim has released a… Star Wars TIE Fighter. No. I’m not kidding and this is not an April Fool’s Day joke a few days too late. This type of plugin is not that rare for Microsoft Flight Simulator, although most of the time it is free. After all, Microsoft itself released the Pelican of aura Some time ago.

This is available at the developer’s own store It’s priced at $19.99, but as of this writing, it’s discounted to $14.99. According to the developer, it has been released to celebrate the anniversary of the first manned spaceflight.

While only available for PC on the Captainsim store at the moment, this developer usually also releases its add-ons on the official marketplace, also compatible with Xbox, so it’s not unlikely TIE Fighter will follow the same route in the future. .

Here is a list of official features and some screenshots:


  • Highly detailed and accurate model of the Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/Ln Starfighter
  • Cockpit with 3D windows and Imperial TIE pilot
  • High resolution 8k textures
  • Ion Engine Effects


  • Interior flight deck with high resolution textures
  • Simulated essential functionality
  • (VTOL) flight and hover modes
  • Multiple lighting options


  • Supports most MSFS 2020 features (rain/frosting effects, sound, and more)

Then AC Scenery released a Prague Cityscape plugin, adding many custom buildings for the capital city of the Czech Republic. Is available in Simmarket For $13.10 plus applicable VAT, currently discounted to $11.79, it comes with the following features.

  • Over 100 handcrafted custom buildings
  • night textures
  • PBR textures
  • Compatible with ORBX Prague Airport
  • Compatible with TrailStrike Prague Airport


Another scenery release comes from FSX3D, which released Sisteron-Vaumeilh Airfield (LFNS) in France. This small but quaint airport is available from Simmarket for $10.90 plus applicable VAT with the following features.

  • Very high quality 3D models with very good optimization.
  • Seamlessly integrated satellite photography background
  • all models feature PBR layers
  • Taxiways and custom runway conform to reality

Last but not least, SoFly announced Aircraft Checklist Pro, which gives you access to non-interactive checklists similar in structure to those used by real pilots. You can consult them directly in the simulator, or print the PDF versions to have them on paper.

You can watch the trailer below. The utility will be released soon on SoFly’s own store and on Orbx Direct.


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