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Today, Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games introduced two new vehicles to the space game’s growing lineup.

The first, which is actually playable right now, is the RSI Lynx, a rover designed for luxury and to complement RSI’s high-end Constellation Phoenix ship.

The second one was presented as a concept, which is basically like a pre-order, since the vehicle is not yet playable. It is the Tumbril Storm tank, which is in fact an armored vehicle inspired by manga and anima in its aesthetics. It is lighter than the heavy Tumbril Nova tank, but still comes with a size 3 gun.

You can check both in the following videos. By the way, the Lynx can be tested for free today and in-game tomorrow as part of the Invictus Launch Week Free Fly event, which allows everyone to enjoy the current Alpha 3.19 without any purchases until the 30th. of May.



Meanwhile, star citizenThe growing crowdfunding campaign of continues to progress and the general account is now approaching $580 million ($579,134,021 as of this writing) pledged by backers.

The number of registered users also recently passed 4.6 million and now stands at 4,627,365, although not all are paying as many register accounts to access free fly events like the one taking place right now. According to the latest information shared by creative director Chris Roberts himself in October 2022, 1.7 million players are paying customers. Of course, that number is a few months old, so it’s probably higher now.

Full disclosure: The author of this post has supported Star Citizen since its crowdfunding first launched in September 2012.

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