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star citizen Developer Cloud Imperium Games has just opened the floodgates for its annual Invictus Launch Week 2953 issue.

The celebration comes with a Free Fly event that allows everyone to try the game without making any purchases. All you need to do is register an account on the official site and then download the client and you’re ready to go.

This means you can get a good look at the latest 3.19 alpha and all the features the game has to offer, including the revised experience for new players with a tutorial that should make the first few hours in the game more accessible for newcomers. .

If you’re wondering about the name “Invictus Release Week”, it has no relation to the actual “release” of the game. It is actually an in-game celebration of the United Empire of Earth military fleet. 2953 is the in-universe date, moving forward with the real-world calendar, just 930 years into the future.

Special events available for a limited time include a tour inside a massive Javelin-class destroyer, while a demonstration fleet led by a massive Bengal aircraft carrier will tour the Stanton system. On top of that, an exhibition showcasing all the ships available in the game will be open to visitors at Area18 on ArcCorp, an urban planet similar to Coruscant.

You can check out two trailers below, one is aptly militaristic and celebrates the event itself (it’s an event dedicated to the fleet, after all), while the other shows off the new ship available today, the Mirai Fury, along with her Mirai Fury MX missile variant.

By the way, two dedicated game packs are available at a discounted price for those who try Star Citizen and enjoy it enough to fully participate. The C8X Pisces Invictus Starter Pack is 25% off at $55.45, while the Avenger Titan Invictus Starter Pack is 10% off. off to $77.62, which offers a more powerful starter ship. Both come with a special bonus painting for the boat included.



The event will run for 12 days until May 30 and each day will be dedicated to different brands, with a rotation of most ships in the game available to rent and try out for free. Below you can check the full schedule.

Star Citizen Invictus Release Week Schedule

Meanwhile, star citizenThe growing crowdfunding campaign of continues to progress and the general account has just passed $571 million ($571,455,846 as of this writing) promised by backers.

The number of registered users also recently surpassed 4.5 million and now stands at 4,584,191, although not all of them pay as many register accounts to access the free fly events. According to the latest information shared by creative director Chris Roberts himself in October 2022, 1.7 million players are paying customers. Of course, that number is a few months old, so it’s probably higher now.

Full disclosure: The author of this post has supported Star Citizen since its crowdfunding first launched in September 2012.

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