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Among the events that star citizen fans tend to be most excited about, there’s the annual CitizenCon, which tends to be when the big news and exciting demos of future features for the crowdfunded space sim tend to drop.

For the past few years, the event has been confined to the online space due to the pandemic, but in 2023 the in-person fan meeting in Los Angeles, California will return. The date is October 21, 2023.

While we don’t yet know what CitizenCon 2953 will bring, if past events are any indication, we’ll see some great game presentations, developer panels, and maybe even the good old cosplay contest. Of course, with each CitizenCon there is hope that it will bring a release date for Squad 42, the game’s ultra-cinematic single-player campaign starring famous actors like Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, John Rhys-Davies, Gillian Anderson, Liam Cunningham, Henry Cavill and more. That being said, that hope has yet to materialize, so we’d better not expect too much from this source and perhaps be pleasantly surprised.

By the way, if you’re wondering about “2953”, the persistent calendar of Star Citizen’s “in-lore” universe proceeds in parallel with the real world, so this year is 2953. Basically, it’s set to be consistently 930 years in the future. All Star Citizen events follow their own schedule.

Of course, you can expect coverage of the event here at TechRaptor.

By the way, we’ve also just received a video of the Mission Features Team talking about the behind-the-scenes of the mission’s creation.


Meanwhile, Star Citizen’s growing crowdfunding campaign continues apace, and the game has passed. $548 million ($548,343,860 at time of writing) from sponsors.

The number of registered users is now at 4,398,422, although not all of them pay as many register accounts to gain access to the popular free fly events that provide the opportunity to try the game without committing any money. According to the latest information from creative director Chris Roberts himself in October 2022, 1.7 million players are paying customers.

star citizen It recently finished its best year ever in terms of crowdfunding, with a staggering $113 million pledged in 2022, marking a 31% increase over 2021. The tally has risen steadily year-over-year since 2018.

Full disclosure: The author of this post has supported Star Citizen since its crowdfunding first launched in September 2012.

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