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After a pretty rough couple of years getting hold of current-gen consoles, PS5 supply seems to be picking up around the world. Sony has celebrated this momentum with a new Live from PS5 trailer, showcasing many of the upcoming and currently available PlayStation titles.

On a new PlayStation blog postSony thanks fans for their patience amid “unprecedented demand” and “global challenges.” Semiconductor shortages, the COVID-19 crisis and other factors contributed to the difficulty in obtaining a PS5 for many months, but now, Sony says you “should… have a much easier time” finding one wherever you shop. .

To celebrate the increase in the worldwide supply of PS5, Sony has also created a new trailer that shows some of the games you can buy for the console or games that you will be able to buy soon. These include Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, final fantasy 16, and more. You can watch the trailer for Live from PS5 here.


The trailer cuts out like a news show, with “reporters” bringing news about the antics of the likes of Spider-Man, Kratos, and Atreus, and Horizonit’s Aloy. It’s essentially a sizzling reel for the PS5; now that more people can buy it, Sony is likely to want to increase interest by showing what’s available for the machine. It’s a pretty impressive lineup, to be sure.

In the blog post, Sony also teases what’s coming to PS5 in the next year or so. Featured games include the upcoming resident evil 4 Redo, final fantasy 16Y Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, all of them scheduled to arrive between March and September of this year. Of course, there is also PlayStation VR 2, which will arrive on February 22 along with Mountain Horizon Call and various other launch games.

It looks like a pretty busy year for Sony and the PS5, so stay tuned to TechRaptor for more news on Sony’s console and all the games available for it.

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