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The developers at Endnight Games Ltd have announced that their next survival horror game, children of the forestit will be released in an early access state instead of a full version.

A game of this caliber takes time, since those of us who play The forest know how important it is for the sequel to go beyond the original. Today the developers announced it’s children of the forest it won’t be ready in time for a full release, and will instead be released in early access. They mention that they did this so that the “release date” stays the same, instead of pushing it back for more polish.

The first trailer for the game was released back in 2019 during The Game Awards, and since then we’ve seen some promising footage of what to expect from the release. The developers claim that this is one of the most complex games they have ever worked on, and although it has been almost four years since the announcement of children of the forest, they will need more time to add the remaining mechanics and items, as well as to balance the game. While this may be a bit disappointing, it’s better than a complete rollback on the release date in its entirety, as they’ve done twice already.

Children of the Forest, Children of the Forest Early Access

The game was first pushed back to a May 2022 release window, then October 2022 and finally pushed back to the February 23, 2023 date we have today. The reasoning behind those delays was the same, as the developers needed more time to give children of the forest the final coat of paint. If the sequel is anything like its predecessor, one can only imagine what’s to come. The forest it was a huge success upon its release, not only because of the complexity of the game, but because it was fun to play, especially with friends. Not to mention the amount of popularity it gained once YouTuber MaddVladd started posting video tutorials on his The Outer Middle Show channel, showing off gameplay.

Although children of the forest will launch in Early Access, hopefully it will be packed with content to enjoy in the interim before its full release.

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