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Lavapotion has revealed its 2023 songs of conquest roadmap, which previews what’s to come in the turn-based strategy RPG this year. A full release is scheduled for Q3 2023, and other enhancements like new campaigns, achievements, and an artifact market are also on the way.

The roadmap is divided into three quarters, with a 1.0 release scheduled for the end of the third quarter. In the first quarter, you get an artifact market where you can buy and sell artifacts, as well as upgrades to beacons that will allow you to use this feature to travel songs of conquestOther Q1 map improvements include additional skirmish maps and a finalized map editor.

Moving on to the second quarter, the first big news songs of conquest The campaign arrives in the form of Barony of Loth, which will expand songs of conquest significantly. Q2 also brings more unit traits and abilities, as well as random Loth events, improvements to the game’s netcode, and even more skirmish maps.

The 2023 roadmap for Songs of Conquest, which promises a lot of new content

Finally, in the third quarter, Lavapotion introduces another new campaign, the Barya campaign, as well as much more. Achievements will be coming to the game this quarter and you will finally be able to create your own campaigns. More artifacts, skirmish maps, and random events will also be added before the full release. songs of conquest release in the latter part of the quarter.

Of course, the roadmap is, as Lavapotion puts it, a “living document”, so this could all change before the game launches. Be sure to take a look at the steam ad For him songs of conquest roadmap so you can get a clearer idea of ​​what’s coming to the game in the coming months.

songs of conquest is available on Steam right now, where it is currently on early access. Typically, the game would set you back $29.99, but at the time of writing, it’s on sale for 33% off, so you’ll be paying $20.09 or your local equivalent. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more news on this one.

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