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Actor and producer Andrew Barth Feldman (“No hard feelings”, Dear Evan Hansen, Ratatouille: The Musical on TikTok), Tony Award winner Alex Boniello (“Disney Descendants: The Rise of Red”, Dear Evan Hansen, Hadestown), and Matthew Barth Tinkelman have today announced a new murder mystery experience called Dirty game. This series will be released weekly for five weeks starting Friday April 21 at 9pm EST, each VOD will be set to a different theme where viewers at home will try to solve the murder.

As Dirty game work?

Those who buy Dirty gamea single episode for $9.99 or the entire series for $39.99, you can tune in every week for foul to watch a murder mystery unfold. Dirty game will present the viewer with three different views of the room. In each room, you can toggle between different views and enable audio, allowing you to hear different conversations as the event unfolds. After the murder begins at the beginning of the video, the suspects will spread out in different rooms and discuss the events through loose ad-libs with each other. A player will not be able to keep track of absolutely everything, so they will have to keep an eye on everything and everyone while the video continues to try to figure out who the killer is.

The list of mysteries and the dates they are released are:

  • The Mansion Case: Murder at Vanguard Mansion on April 21
  • The Reality TV Case: The Real Real Life of Real People on April 28
  • The Case of Film Noir: The Cubic Zirconia Hawk in Mey 5th
  • The Fantasy Case: Dark Curse of Savion Sunguard on May 12
  • The Children’s TV Case: Mr. Robertson’s World of Imagination on May 19

The cast of actors that people can see on these sets includes Gaten Matarazzo (Stranger Things, Sweeny Todd), Michael Urie (“Shrinking”, “Ugly Betty”), Rob McClure (Mrs. Doubtfire, “Julia”), Will Roland (Dear Evan Hansen, Be More Chill, “Billions”), Celia Rose Gooding (Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Jagged Little Pill), Alex Brightman (Beetlejuice, School of Rock), as well as many others. Writers involved in the creation of Dirty game include Brennan Lee Mulligan (Dimension 20, Exandria Unlimited: Calamity), B. Dave Walters (Dungeons and Dragons: A Darkened Desire, The Shadow of Red Wrath) and Arti Gollapudi (Upright Citizens Brigade, La Ardilla).

Hunter Arnold of TBD Theatrics, the company behind the technology that Dirty game continues, said the following in anticipation of Dirty game release.

We created a unique virtual platform just for this series, through this digital platform viewers can watch and enjoy each case on their terms as it unfolds. With the ability to follow characters and settings of your own choosing, you’ll be able to have a different viewing experience every time you watch it.

When each episode premieres, viewers can join the official Discord channel to talk with other viewers and work together to solve the mystery. Some of the best fortune tellers will be able to chat live with Feldman and Boniello to discuss the case further. If you are not available for the live event on launch day at 9:00 pm, the VOD of each episode will be available the next day. You’ll miss out on the live chat aspect, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the murder mystery.

To get a better understanding of how Dirty game works that have launched a YouTube shorts trailer as well as a explanatory video so you can get an idea of ​​what to expect when you log in to play.

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