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After more than 30 years, the classic dungeon crawler Shadow Gate it will finally have a sequel. Beyond Shadowgate it’s a retro-style dungeon crawler with “modern conveniences” and will have a Kickstarter campaign next month, so you’ll have a chance to support the game if you want to make it happen.

News from the Shadow Gate The sequel was announced via creator Zojoi’s YouTube channel, with Shadow Gate co-creator Dave Marsh appears in the video to tell fans what to expect from the game. Beyond Shadowgate It will be significantly larger than the original game, but its art style and gameplay are deliberately old-school to evoke the Shadow Gate you know and love You can watch Zojoi’s announcement trailer here.


According to Marshall, Beyond Shadowgate it is “four times bigger” than the original, with over 180 rooms to explore and over 100 puzzles to solve. You will have three endings to unlock, as well as over 180 different types of death to watch (eat your heart, Callisto Protocol). There will even be a minigame of some kind to play, although we’re not sure what form that will take just yet.

The “modern conveniences” Marsh talks about seem to include a fast travel system that allows you to get around Beyond ShadowgateThe world’s fastest, as well as a hint system if you get stuck. If you’ve ever played the original Shadow Gate and i felt it was too hard, it sounds like Beyond Shadowgate it should be a bit more accessible for you.

Marsh describes the Kickstarter campaign as “small”, giving players the chance to experience the game’s first 18 rooms if they support the campaign. There will also be “swag” up for grabs, including a special NES style. Beyond Shadowgate cartridges, a cloth map and a coin for collectors.

You can check the Beyond Shadowgate Kick starter right here. It officially opens on February 18. Beyond Shadowgate It’s coming to PC via Steam “soon”, according to the trailer, so be sure to keep an eye on TechRaptor for more news on this exciting retro sequel.

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