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Red Candle games has announced that their “Taopunk” sekiroplatform game inspired nine suns it has been delayed to Q4 2023. If you backed the crowdfunding campaign for the game and are waiting for your physical rewards to arrive, you will also have to wait a bit longer as they have been delayed as well.

The studio announced the delay to nine suns via Twitter the present dayas well as through his own website a couple of days ago. Red Candle says that after the release of the second nine suns closed beta, it received a lot of “useful information” about the future direction of the game, but also “discovered some shortcomings in (its) future planning”.

According to Red Candle, the remaining time before nine sunsThe original planned release window of Q2 2023 “wasn’t enough to deliver the gameplay experience our team envisions.” That’s why the game has been pushed back two full quarters. It is now expected to arrive sometime in late 2023.

The protagonist jumping through the air in Nine Sols
nine suns It won’t go into action for a few months.

To apologize for the delay, Red Candle says it’s adding another closed beta period for backers, which “includes a lot of in-game content.” Hopefully having something more substantial to play with will ease your dismay at not being able to see the finished product sooner if you’re a backer. According to Red Candle, the closed beta accounts for about two-thirds of the final game.

Updated Red Candle Timeline for nine suns now it looks like this.

A new updated timeline for Nine Soles

Work on the game is expected to be completed by Q4 2023, with production of physical rewards and porting taking place later this year in October. After that, Red Candle expects to deliver crowdfunding rewards in the first quarter of 2024. It’s not such a bad delay, but it’s likely still a disappointment for those who have been waiting to see this one. Stay tuned for more information on nine suns.

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