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Our next stop in the Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide is Varuna Point, two skyscrapers that you will need to explore for clues and loot. Read on for a full Varuna Point tutorial, and prepare to do a LOT of swimming.

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Preparing for Varuna point

Varuna Point has some dangerous enemies, including another of the game’s bosses: the Rhino Shark.

This is what I recommend you take with you:

  • basic bow
  • 60 metal arrows
  • Machete
  • Food
  • Water
  • 2 fins
  • 2 oxygen bottles
  • zip line tool
  • Backpack

Varuna Point should take you 1-2 days to explore, and you will be swimming a lot. As much.

Approaching point Varuna

As you get closer to Varuna Point you should see some scaffolding next to the largest skyscraper. Park your raft nearby and climb up, and you can scale the building if you want, but you’ll need the crane key to get through the opposite skyscraper.

Note: If you see a red “G”, you will find things (like boxes) nearby!

Raft Varuna Point Apartments underwater entrance

Exploring Varuna Point – Major Skyscraper Apartments (Part 1)

However, getting the crane key is not so simple! You are going to have to head inside the submerged apartments of the skyscraper to collect some Spotlight pieces to repair one of the lights on the outside of the underwater structure.

If you’re at the first ruined skyscraper, jump into the water between them and head back towards the building. If you head down (this is where the fins and oxygen tank come in handy) below the work light, you’ll be able to head inside the apartments. Watch out for anglerfish as you explore, and if you see what looks like a fishing lure, head up for air!

Once you’ve explored the first set of rooms, head outside to find an elevator shaft just inside the entrance; head up and keep looking to find the remaining parts of Spotlight. Now that you’ve got the Spotlight parts, shine a light on that bad boy to see him scatter the jellyfish below and open up a new spot to explore!

Balsa Varuna Point Projector Entrance

Exploring Varuna Point – Unfinished (and Trapped) Office Space (Part 2)

Once you’ve dispersed the jellyfish, head to the tube that runs between the two structures. On the near side, you’ll find a door (unlocked later!) and a red “G” on the far side – head there and into the unfinished offices. There are a few things to pick up in the water, but work your way past the next “G” to find a dead end – head up and out of the water to find an opening in the ceiling.

Jump onto the roof (how are these tiles not destroyed?) and proceed along the path, but beware of traps! You will continue until see red lightning you can jump and head up. This Grabber guy (hence the G!) doesn’t want anyone taking the loot from him!

Continue forward through the upper level, but go slow because there are trip wires be careful Slowly work your way up, pausing to recover health if you need it, through the floor, wall, and angled traps until you come to a drop with a red “G” to your left. Jumping on the tripwire, scroll down and 1 level down you will see all kinds of goodies scattered everywhere.

Hook the forward head light blueprint on a table and the Motherlode key right next to a note. Then turn around and head to the crates that are stacked on top of each other, and up onto another ledge and area with even more loot. Once you’re done, continue to another G and a door you can open. Drop into the water and you’ll find yourself right on top of the catwalk!

Raft Varuna Point Motherlode Inlet underwater

Exploring Varuna Point – Opening the Motherlode (Part 3)

Now, we can open Motherlode. Follow the column of glowing jellyfish down to find another crack in the building with a G just above an opening. Head down below and take advantage of the wonderful oxygen flowing right out of it. Then open the garage door with the Motherlode Key and head inside!

Once inside, follow the red “G” as normal, getting air from the vents as you work your way down. You will come to a long corridor with some boxes and equipment at the end. Head over there and then the Rhino Shark will take him down!

Raft Varuna Point Rhino Shark hitting a column and destroying it

Varuna Point Boss Fight – The Rhino Shark (Part 4)

This fight doesn’t require fighting, but it does require you to position yourself a certain way and frequently get air from the vents in the ground. It takes place on 3 different levels of the building, and you’re going to do a bit of repetition. The shark will go through every wall and will likely catch you off guard multiple times.

How to fight the rhino shark:

  1. Swim near a column and wait for it to load. Stay very close, you want him to hit it, not you!
  2. Once he’s hit it, drop down for air.
  3. Repeat step 1 until the column falls apart.
  4. Grab an explosive barrel from the center of the room and place the barrel on the column.
  5. Have the Shark hit the column again, dealing damage and breaking the column.

You will repeat the 4 steps several times:

  1. First Floor – Column takes 1 hit before you can place a barrel
  2. Second level: the column takes 2 hits before you can place a barrel
  3. Final level: the column takes 3 hits before you can place a barrel

Once you have destroyed the last column, the explosion will take away the Shark and you can loot it for 25 pieces of shark meat. Head through the hole and up the stairs to find the crane key, a wind turbine blueprint, and a note. Climb up the ladder next to you and climb up the pipes to the water, which leads you to the locked door we found earlier!

Now that we’re ready to get on the crane, head back to your raft and drop off your loot before you get on.

Exploring Varuna Point – Using the crane (Part 5)

With all of our loot unloaded, head over to the scaffolding and the largest crumbling building. Head to the back to find a small structure with blocks to climb, followed by a bulldozer you can climb onto, then jump over some columns to go up another floor (image below).

Raft Varuna Point How to get on the crane

Continue following the jumps and scaffolding up until you reach the crane. Climb up two sets of stairs (if you haven’t already) and grab the loot at the top, including the electric grill blueprint! Once you have it, head back towards the zip line and open the gate to the control area. Insert the key and pull the lever to see the crane drop its payload and open up a whole new area.

Head up the zip line and head straight for the structure – follow the yellow light to get the Advanced Hitter Blueprint and the code to get to Temperance.

Head back to your raft and we’re ready to enter the new code and head to Temperance!

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