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Once you’ve built the receiver, your first stop will be The Radio Tower. This is a platform in the ocean with a fair amount to explore. Anchor your raft when you arrive and jump on board.

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Cuckoo’s Note (Room B-1)

Your first stop will be Room B-1, where you will find a note for your Journal. The note is written by a man named Cuckoo and tells of another character named Owl and a missing character named Sparrow.

Once you’ve read the note (or heard it voice-over), you can explore the rest of the Radio Tower. Loot can be found in each of the rooms, but one room, in particular, has some important items.

Head Light Blueprint and Owl’s Radio Notes (Room C-1)

Take the boxes and debris up to the second level. One of the rooms will have the Blueprint for the Head Light and Owl’s Radio Notes on one wall. Owl’s radio notes are a bit of fluff about the radio broadcasts he heard.

Thoroughly explore the area and you will find various loot. Then, look for a ladder that goes up. It will take you to the roof of the building.

Raft Tour & History Guide - C-1 Rooftop

Second note from Cuckoo (Room D-1)

From C1’s rooftop, you can walk along a vine-covered red beam to a small building that says “Took Boat Won’t Be Back.” There’s a vine-covered staircase nearby; jump on it to climb even higher to the Radio Tower.

The top of this next ladder will put you next to a wind turbine and air duct. Another vine-covered air vent is a short hop away – jump towards it and search the area outside of D1 for loot. Once you’re done, head to D1 and you’ll see another note from Cuckoo on a counter that talks about a reactor in Selene.

Exit room D1 and jump over some boxes; It’s time to get to the top of the Radio Tower.

The top of the radio tower and a new friend (Room E-1)

Look carefully around you and you will see a fairly simple jumping puzzle. This will take you to the top of the Radio Tower and you will unlock your first new character: Tala. This upper room will also have the Blueprint for the Recycler. Finally, be sure to grab the note that says “People?” with an arrow

Raft Tour & History Guide - Radio Tower Tala Blueprint Radio Code

The people?” The note gives him the code for the next area he’s heading to, but we’re not leaving yet.

Kill the shark and dive deep

If you recall, the first level of the Radio Tower was labeled “B-1” and the top level was labeled “E-1”. That begs the question: what happened to A-1? The answer is, of course, that A-1 is underwater.

Raft Tour and History Guide - A-1 Underwater

Before you dive in, you’ll want to kill the Shark. You really don’t want to get stuck in an underwater building while trying to fight this thing. Once he’s dead, head over to A-1 and grab all the delicious loot you can.

Don’t forget to also look under A-1. There is a fair amount of scrap metal and other items, just like any other reef.

Entering the radio tower code into your receiver

Your final task for the Radio Tower area is to enter the four-digit Radio Code on the “People?” note on your receiver. This will give you the coordinates of the next place you are supposed to go to.

A note about radio codes: they are randomized in a match. You can always find it in your Journal (which you can open by pressing “T”). Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find a radio code without seeing it yourself.

Enter your newly acquired radio code and proceed to the next island, Vasagatan!

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