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Sony’s efforts to add accessibility options to its first-party titles are substantial, and the company is expanding on this initiative by creating a cutting-edge accessible controller called Project Leonardo.

The goal of the Leonardo Project is to allow more gamers around the world to enjoy the games they love by providing an accessible controller for people with disabilities. Project Leonardo’s shape is circular, but it offers impressive customizable options and allows players to change and adjust the position of their buttons on its perimeter. A retractable joystick extends from the side of the controller and can be shortened (or lengthened) based on gamers’ needs. Other features include software customization comprising of button mapping as well as controller profiles. Aesthetically, the controller shares the similar white, black, and blue aesthetic we’ve seen on PS5 products. You can even see textured shapes similar to the normal DuelSense controller.

If the player prefers, they can use different combinations of up to two Project Leonardo controllers with one standard PS5 controller. An infographic about the Project Leonardo announcement shows how you can use two Project Leonardo controllers and a regular PS5 controller. While we haven’t seen the controller in action yet, a new video serving as an introduction to the controller dives into the design philosophy of the device and how it positively impacts the way disabled gamers play.


The controller shares some similarities with the Xbox Adaptive Controller philosophy of empowering gamers with a flexible and accessible controller. Like the Xbox Adaptive Controller, Project Leonardo supports external devices through the use of ports on the side of the device. Similarly, Sony and Microsoft share partners in the creation of their respective devices. For this particular venture, Sony received support and advice from AbleGamers, SpecialEffect and Stack Up.

Currently, we do not know the release date of Project Leonardo nor the price. As this controller was just announced at CES, we can expect more news in the coming months, so stay tuned!

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