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At PAX East 2023, I had the chance to play about 30 minutes of go go city, a new IP from developer Prideful Sloth, and talk to the game’s director, Joel Styles. We sat together on the show floor to play go go city while Styles explained to me everything you could do in the game, from felling trees to mining rocks and riding a bike.

It is clear that go go city It’s a labor of love, and it was designed to provide hours of enjoyment for those looking for the next great life simulation experience.

The player character collects wood in Go-Go Town.

Terraforming is the name of the game in go go city

Similar to games like animal crossing, go go city allows you to change the appearance of your town. That means you can gather resources and build structures that fit the style you want your village to have. Buildings are only the first step though, as you then need to decide what role they will play in the game.

“The building doesn’t define the task or a role, the building is just a space. So you have to tailor it with what their role is, who works there and what they produce,” Styles said.

Different spaces can support different roles, so whether you want to open a fast food restaurant, a fish market, or any of dozens of other options, you can do it! go go city was developed with the understanding that life simulation games eventually reach a point where players no longer have a reason to return. The Prideful Sloth team is working to make go go city Be a game that always offers something new, even if it means building a long-range communication device to contact aliens so they can visit your city.

during my 30 minutes go go city preview, I tried out some of the building and management mechanics. This game is the epitome of a relaxing life sim: I ran through a forest chopping down trees and explored a small mine where I harvested rocks and deposited them into a machine to turn them into bricks. With my new materials, I was able to build a structure that I designated as a fast food restaurant and assigned a villager to manage it.

With that out of the way, I ran around town and checked out everything it had to offer, including the satellite dish on the corner that I was able to use to contact the aliens. To my surprise, a flying saucer descended from the skies and dropped a bunch of happy and curious aliens on my town. With some of the key jobs like resource gathering delegated to my villagers, I was able to have fun riding bikes, driving cars, and getting more familiar with all the existing structures in this demo build.

Mining in Go-Go Town

Do you want to play with a friend? Go-Go Town supports Couch Co-Op!

What would a city building game be without friends? go go city offers couch co-op so friends and family can work together in a single village: gathering resources, building roads, equipping structures, and much more. There is currently no plan to be able to use an internet connection to enter other people’s cities, but local multiplayer will be supported.

For a start, go go city It will be available on Steam and Nintendo Switch, but Prideful Sloth will also look to expand and release on other platforms. Be sure to keep an eye on the go go city release date and see when you can start building once this game is available.

go go city was previewed at PAX East 2023.

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