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amusement park simulator park beyond is coming in June, and ahead of its imminent release, Bandai Namco has published another dev diary that takes a look at the creative process behind the game. This time, it’s about the music, and park beyondThe composer and music producer talks at length about how they created the music and what the score means to the game.

We have already learned a lot about park beyond, including how its gameplay will work and how your slimy rival will try to undermine your efforts, but now it’s time for the music to shine. In the new dev diary, composer Olivier Deriviere and music producer Reimer “Kettel” Eising talk about how they created the game’s whimsical and campy score, and why Deriviere’s preconceptions were challenged while working on it. park beyond.

First, Deriviere talks about how to get the abstract for park beyond it was “disturbing”, because he is used to working on narrative games. However, Deriviere says it quickly became apparent that park beyond developer Limbic wanted the game to “have an identity” that was “more than just a management[game].


Deriviere says that music has to achieve the same goal as park beyond itself, which is to make the player believe that his park’s impossible, physics-defying creations could actually work. He says the compositions begin with children’s toy instruments, to evoke a sense of childish wonder, then become more electronic as they go along. Eising then adds his own “colors” to the sound to expand it and make it work for the game.

If you’re a music nerd, you’ll appreciate Deriviere’s breakdown of park beyondThe main theme of , which is in the relatively uncommon time signature of 7/8, making it sound “off,” in his words. Despite the music being embellished with electronic elements, Deriviere says that it sounds “almost like they are live instruments” and avoids the usual “cold” feel of electronic music.

The entire video is worth watching, especially if you’re into music (and twice as much, especially if you’re into creating soundtracks for games). Deriviere and Eising have some fascinating ideas about how park beyond‘s music gets together. The game itself will be out on June 15 and will be coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S when it launches.

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