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jack johna drama-themed otome visual novel game created in conjunction with horror in tokyo artist Sui Ishida, has a western release date at last. The game is heading to Nintendo Switch on June 15 and will offer you the chance to pick it up in one of three special editions, as well as the base version.

Publisher Aksys originally revealed that jack john it was heading west in March of last year, but thankfully we now have a release date for the game. You play as Kisa, an aspiring actress who is about to give up on her dream when she is unexpectedly given the opportunity to enroll in drama school. Of course, she is not as simple as she seems at first glance. You can watch the trailer for Aksys’ original western ad for jack john right here.


Kisa’s enrollment in the Univeil Theater School depends on two conditions. First, she must be chosen as the lead for the school’s end-of-year presentation. Second, she must hide the fact that she is a girl, since Univeil is a boys-only school. As she studies, she will bond with her classmates and develop relationships with them. It wouldn’t be a great otome game without relationship building, right?

In addition to base gamewhich will set you back $49.99, Aksys has also created three special edition tiers for jack john. He Bronze Edition it comes with an art book, a scarf with class insignia, a set of pins, and a diorama, and will set you back $99.99. He silver edition add convertible black bag and extra $20 on top of Bronze Edition, and $139.99 Edition Gold Edition offers you a T-shirt with the protagonist Kisa in addition to everything from the two previous levels.

jack john launches for Nintendo Switch in the West on June 15. Watch this space for more information.

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