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Let’s enter a new year! This week on Nintendo’s NXpress Podcast, Cameron Dixon, Mark Clairoff and Campbell Gill send off a big year with their last podcast recorded in 2022, and kick off a new year with an episode full of hot takes and spicy Nintendo predictions for 2023. But before all that, what better way to get the The new year than with a triumphant fanfare? The gang responds to a listener question by discussing their favorite video game boosters, and from Final Fantasy to Mario to Kirby to Metal Gear, they certainly have a lot to choose from!

Then, to the main event: Nintendo’s 2023 prediction. A brand new year is upon us, full of possibilities for surprises from the Big N. The year we see Wind Waker HD on Switch, Advance Wars 1+2 Re-boot Camp Making its long overdue debut, or a new 3D Mario game to match the upcoming movie? will we ever see Metroid Prime 4, Or the elusive next-gen switch? The gang offers their opinion on all these questions and more!

Last but not least, Cameron closes the show with an RPG extravaganza centered on the excellent new indie adventure Concatenated echoes. After the best SNES JRPGs of the Golden Age, Concatenated echoes is an immersive take on the classic genre formula with plenty of modern convenience thrown in to boot. Turn-based battles, an engaging storyline and plenty of controllable super-machines, Concatenated echoes There’s a little bit of everything you could want – and this discussion leads into a wider conversation about other great RPGs on Switch (Final Fantasy VII, Each?).

All this and more in this week’s episode of NXpress. Happy 2023 to everyone!

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro

0:39 – Talking point: Nintendo Switch socks and gifts
“New Year’s Countdown – Hour”
Crossing animals: wild world
18:30 – Main event: Ranking the best Nintendo Switch games of 2022
New Year’s Countdown – 15 minutes Crossing animals: new leaf
Indie Spotlight: Chained Echoes
“Happy New Year!” Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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