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A new year means new adventures in store. This week on Nintendo’s NXpress podcast, Cameron Dixon, Mark Clairoff and Campbell Gill return from a short podcast hiatus to revisit their favorite topic for the new year: exploring their order backlog. The gang had plenty of time to dig into their perpetual lag during the break, and now they’re ready to share their impressions and hot takes. This simple summary soon grew into an entirely larger discussion: was there a source Gate Actually something good? the mother sky sword Zelda is better than Awakening of Link? What does the end mean? oblivion mean actually? All this and much more in this in-depth and surprising discussion!

As the main event draws to a close, the indie spotlight begins. While Cameron shares some disappointed thoughts about lonely ruin, A borrowedCampbell has much more enthusiasm than him Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider, A ridiculously named 2D action game that gives us what we all really need: a robot ninja adventure. was inspired by Shinobi, Strider, and Mega Man X, Avenging Guardian: Moonrider is a very demanding adventure that tempers the retro difficulty with some incredibly creative items, quality of life enhancements and some brilliantly creative level designs.

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro

0:39 – Main event: Stories from the backlog: what we played recently
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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
1:00:30 – Indie Spotlight: Lone Ruin & Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider
title The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

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