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fans of the MechWarrior Y Battle Tech The universe has a new gift incoming as mentioned by Piranha Games President Ross Bullock.

Bullock appeared in the NoGutsNoGalaxy Podcast and mentioned that there is a new MechWarrior game in development at the studio. It is a single player/cooperative game quite in line with MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, although it is not a DLC for it either. It’s going to be a standalone game.

It will be officially announced sometime in 2023 with “September” or “Fall” developing as the possible time for the reveal. It will come to “all platforms”, PC and consoles, building on the technological foundation of the previous game.

Speaking of the possibility of a new mechwarrior online, Bullock mentioned that there is a challenge that the license for the franchise will expire in 2025, which leaves time for the new single player game and possibly some DLC for it, but a mechwarrior online 2 it would take much longer than that as a game as a service. Pirahna would need an extension to at least 2030 to achieve this.

That being said, the license has been extended before and Piranha has a good relationship with Microsoft, so it’s not impossible.

Bullock also mentioned that he sees no end in sight for the current mech warrior online at least for the next two years. Even though its revenue levels have dropped considerably since its 2013 heyday, the game is still profitable. Support will continue and a devblog about it will be posted this week. The game will receive at least slightly more resources in 2023 than in 2022.

If you are not familiar with the MechWarrior franchise, it is a series of video games that debuted in 1989, titled as the pen-and-paper RPG first published in 1986. They are part of the BattleTech universe originally created by FASA Corporation in 1984 and centered on well-known mecha-centric tabletop wargames and several novel series. He was even portrayed in an animated series in 1994.

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