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a new prison architect The DLC pack has been announced, bringing a rather exotic new location in which you can build your facility. The self-explanatory Jungle Pack places your prison in a dizzy jungle setting, and you’ll have to reconsider some of your choices if you want your facility to thrive.

Former prison architect DLC packs have pitted your prisoners against the undead and the terrifying sci-fi future, but this one is decidedly more elemental. Place your prison in a dense jungle, far from civilization. That’s good if your prisoners are dangerous, but of course you’ll have to figure out how to care for them when threats like tropical fever rear their heads.


In the Jungle Pack DLC, you’ll find five new types of flooring and a new set of wooden furniture to complement the jungle aesthetic of your prison. You will also be able to build a new outdoor cinema, which your prisoners can use to watch movies and blow off steam. After all, it is very hot in the jungle, so indoor cinemas are not enough anymore.

That earlier mention of tropical fever was not frivolous either; it is a real threat that you will now have to deal with. Tropical fever can spread among your inmates, making them increasingly sicker. You can combat it with a new medical program, as well as fire pits and netted bedding, so it doesn’t have to be the end of your jungle prison experiment.

Naturally, since this is the jungle, you will also find new resources to exploit. You can cut down trees and sell them or use them for lumber, and lumber variants will also be available for existing buildings like watchtowers. Just make sure your prisoners don’t go crazy and start building some kind of apocalypse nowcult of style

In addition to the DLC, a prison architect The update will also be released. The Jailhouse update brings quality of life improvements as well as an adorable new arrival in the form of Yorkshire Terrier Toby. That update, unlike the DLC, is free for everyone. There is no price listed for the Jungle Pack DLC Still, but if it’s the same price as the Future Tech Pack above, it’s likely to be around $3. It opens on February 7th.

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