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Nintendo has announced that another Indie World showcase will air tomorrow. As usual, the presentation will feature information on upcoming indies for Switch and will air at 9am PT (that’s 12pm ET), so be sure to set your calendar and alarm accordingly.

In Twitter, Nintendo promises “approximately 20 minutes of reveals, announcements, and updates” on the indie titles coming to Switch in the near future. Of course, we don’t know exactly what will be featured in the showcase yet, but if you’re looking for more reasons to power up your Switch, this slideshow should give you a few. As always, you can see it on the official Nintendo page. Youtube channel.

Since this is an indie showcase, don’t expect to hear from Nintendo’s major franchises, no matter what the event’s live chat might speculate. games like metroid prime 4 will, of course, be completely absent from the stream, just like titles from major publishers like Square Enix or Capcom. This is all about the little ones.

The two adorable animal protagonists of the black and white adventure Blanc on Nintendo Switch, which was revealed as part of a Nintendo Indie World showcase.
Past Indie World focal points include monochrome adventures whiteas well as ooblets, worship of the lamband more.

In the past, Nintendo Indie World showcase reveals have included sports RPGs. sports historymoody soulslike adventure another crab’s treasureand a Switch port for the social deduction phenomenon Among us. That is the type of level that we will probably be trading at for tomorrow’s presentation as well.

Of course, there’s one major indie game that always makes an appearance whenever an Indie World presentation (or, for that matter, any indie-oriented presentation) is announced, and that’s Hollow Knight: Silksong. Will we finally get more information on when we can expect this highly anticipated platformer? Honestly, I think it’s pretty unlikely, but a man can dream, right?

The April 2023 Nintendo Indie World Showcase airs tomorrow at 9am Pacific Time (12pm Eastern Time and 5pm BST). Be sure to visit Nintendo’s official YouTube channel if you want to see it in full.

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