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NetEase has announced the founding of a new studio. Spliced ​​Inc is a rather mysterious company that NetEase says is “building the future”, and the studio is already working on its first project, although we don’t have much information about that project yet.

According to NetEase, Spliced ​​Inc is made up of a “talented group of passionate developers” who come from a “variety of backgrounds and experiences.” These developers include people who have worked on gta and red dead redemptionas well as The Sims, rocket leagueand Obligations. The team also apparently includes alumni from tech firms like Google and Snapchat, as well as new faces “passionate about doing something special.”

To commemorate the Spliced ​​Inc announcement, NetEase has released a rather abstract video that basically consists of an elaborate light show. You can take a look at the video here. Hey, who knows? It may contain some clues to the nature of the studio’s first project.


The video mainly consists of a slightly trippy series of CGI-style images with dramatic and epic synth music layered on top. At the end of the video, the new Spliced ​​Inc logo can be seen. It’s a pretty dark introduction, but we’ll likely learn more about the studio and their work in the coming months.

So what will Spliced ​​Inc’s first project be? All we know now is that the game aims to “redefine what games are and how we interact with them.” That wording might sound a bit ominous if you’re looking for things related to Web3, but at the moment, there’s no mention of Web3 or blockchain anywhere in the Spliced ​​Site Inc.fortunately.

We know Spliced ​​will work on a hybrid basis, with offices available in the UK if you want to work in person and support for remote work if you don’t. The studio is also currently recruiting, so be sure to check out the website if you’re looking for a new job in the industry.

This is the latest in a line of new studio announcements from NetEase. Last month, it was announced that the Chinese gaming giant had acquired Canadian co-development studio SkyBox Labs, and new studios were also founded at NetEase (or with the help of NetEase) by former Capcom and Sega luminaries. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more NetEase news.

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