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Many players enjoy a good challenge and final fantasy 16 it can potentially fill that need according to its producer Naoki Yoshida and what I’ve seen while playing an extensive demo of the game.

A few weeks ago, I spoke with Yoshida-san during a preview event in London and he explained what we can expect from New Game Plus’ “Final Fantasy Mode”.

With that being said, the real challenge returns with the new game plus. As developers we really believe that the new game plus, specifically the Final Fantasy mode, it’s the really hard mode and the challenge really starts there. You pass on all the skills you learned. You pass on your level and all your attributes and use them in a new, very, very challenging game. And it’s all about your skill, your technique and choosing the right accessories that will enhance the skills you’re using at the time.

The way Yoshida-san describes this will certainly sound familiar. final fantasy XIV players, who are used to this type of encounter with altered and improved mechanics to make them more challenging. It’s called “Wild” mode, and it’s very popular among players who focus on overcoming the difficulties of the game.

Besides that, as you can read in my extensive preview, final fantasy 16 it’s actually quite challenging even during the first game. Especially the boss battles require good timing and situational awareness. Is not souls transmitted, but don’t expect a walk in the park. In fact, I’m quite anxious to see to what extent the Final Fantasy The mode will boost this challenge.

It’s worth remembering that the game includes “Handy Accessories” for those who prefer to have an easier time with the action, and I’ve found that these make things considerably easier and much more accessible for players who prefer to just enjoy the game. history. . Their influence on the game is also quite customizable as you can choose which ones to use to remove the barrier represented by specific aspects of the action game.

If you’d like to learn more about Final Fantasy XVI straight from Naoki Yoshida, you can enjoy the full interview, which includes plenty of interesting insights straight from the lion’s mouth.

final fantasy 16 It will be released for PS5 on June 22, 2023.

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