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Capcom has revealed new details for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn Title Update 5. The update will go live tomorrow (surprise!) and it brings a new monster to fight, a new Risen Elder Dragon to face, and much more content on top of it, so get ready to head back to Kamura.

As teased last week, this event was hosted by Fiorayne, voiced by Valerie Arem. First, you will be tasked with defeating an Amatsu, an elemental elder dragon first introduced in portable monster hunter 3. This dragon can control the same elements, summoning storms and lightning to hinder you when you face him. You will need to be at least MR 10 to fight Amatsu.

There is also a new Risen Elder Dragon to face in the form of Risen Shagaru Magala, which will present a tough challenge for even seasoned hunters. You will need to be MR 180 or higher to take him on. Of course, there are special pieces of equipment and abilities at play from both monsters, so you have plenty of incentive to take them on as usual.


A new type of Investigation has also been introduced. Special Investigations will task you with taking on monsters with new modifiers; they may have higher strength and do more damage, for example, or have access to wider breath attacks, requiring a change in strategy. Capcom says these will be the tougher versions of the monsters you fight, so you’ll need to complete Anomaly Investigations at level 300 to unlock them.

Of course, there is much more to come. Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn plus new monsters and quests. The Melding Pot is getting an update in the form of Qurious Melding, which should make it easier to customize abilities. New event quests are being added, giving you the chance to get new poses, layered armor, and other rewards, including the impressively fearless Bloodmalice outfit and adorable Lagombi ears.

New paid DLC is also on the way to Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn in Title Update 5. You’ll be able to purchase a new set of stickers “drawn by Minoto herself,” according to Capcom, and you’ll also have the chance to purchase voice sets for the enthusiastic Jae and the calm and collected Oboro. . A hairstyle reminiscent of Elgado’s lead researcher, Bahari, will also be available for purchase.

At the end of the trailer, we also got a sneak peek of what appears to be break the sunThe new ‘s ultimate monster, coming in June. Stay tuned for more information on that. Meanwhile, The rise of the monster hunter is available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, and break the sun is currently available for PC and Switch (coming to PlayStation and Xbox next week). If you are just getting started with The rise of the monster hunterbe sure to take a look at our guides so you can equip yourself in the most effective way possible.

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