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Today, Microsoft and Mojang announced the official release date for the next “Trails & Tales” update for the popular sandbox game. Minecraft.

Originally announced only as version 1.20 before it got its official title a few months back, it will be released on all platforms on June 7, 2023. We also have the final details of what’s to come with the update.

  • Archeology: Archeology adds more history to the worlds, allowing for more storytelling possibilities. Players will discover suspicious sand in the new desert temple rooms and recently introduced suspicious gravel in the ocean ruins or trail ruins, a new structure found in cold biomes. Players can carefully uncover hidden tools, bones, tracker eggs, and pottery shards. Craft four of these fragments together to make a patterned vessel that tells a unique story.
  • Sniffer: The winner of the Minecraft Live 2022 mob vote has returned from extinction! Players will find the Tracer Eggs at archaeological sites. A baby snifflet will hatch from these eggs and grow up to be the huge sniffer, one of the biggest friendly mobs in Minecraft! The sniffer will “sniff” the old seeds that you can grow into the new torch flower and pitcher plant.
  • camels: Another big mob with a mind of its own, players can saddle and lift it, but when a riderless camel wants to sit, it sits. With its tall legs, the camel keeps players out of reach of zombies on the ground, allowing you to run or dash to safety. Just watch out for the ranged attacks from the skeletons! The camel can carry two riders, making it the perfect mob for going on an adventure with a friend.
  • Cherry Slots: These beautiful new trees fill the horizon with a stunning shade of pink. These new trees can be made into a complete pink wood set, including the recently introduced hanging signs and cherry blossom saplings to grow more of the beautiful pink trees. Players will also be delighted to find a unique effect of particles falling from petals only on the cherry trees, as well as a new pink petal decoration to cover the ground.
  • Armor Ornaments: Using the new blacksmith templates found in biomes and structures, players can express themselves through their armor by combining different blacksmith template materials and patterns for a wide variety of customization options. In all, there are 16 armor ornaments, including new ornaments found in ancient cities and trail ruins, and numerous unique combinations.
  • Bamboo wood, chiselled shelves and more: Bamboo can now be made into a complete set of bamboo wooden blocks, including signs and fences! Bamboo rafts work like boats but have a unique look. Players can now add Piglin heads to their worlds, which are dropped when a Piglin is killed by a charged vine. Chiseled Bookshelves take Minecraft storytelling to the next level, allowing players to record the stories and lore of their world on their own custom bookshelves, along with their most valuable enchanted books. Hanging signs add new ways to decorate. That’s not all: signs can now have writing on both sides and be edited without destroying them (honeycomb waxing prevents them from being edited).

We’re also getting a couple of relevant quality of life changes.

  • Calibrated Sculk Sensors: Opening up a plethora of possibilities for redstoners, this new variant of Sculk Sensors that allows you to filter vibrations based on their frequency level. They are not found naturally and can only be crafted.
  • Vibration resonance: Amethyst Blocks have a new behavior when placed next to Sculk Sensors. If that Sculk Sensor receives a vibration, the amethyst block will re-emit its frequency as a separate vibration at its location.

The soundtrack of the update is available. on multiple streaming services.

We also heard that the Base The game version will have a dedicated official release for Chromebook on June 7. It will include cross-device play. access to Minecraft Marketplace and the possibility to play in Realms.

If you are not familiar with Minecraft, is a hugely popular sandbox game currently being released by Microsoft after the acquisition of Mojang on virtually every platform with a chip inside. I would list them for you, but honestly I have lost count.


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