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Today, third-party developers shared new screenshots about upcoming plugins for vplus an announcement and a launch.

We start with the DC Designs F-4 Phantom. I only fly just opened the store page before the launch scheduled for early June. This means we get new details and screenshots.

This is what we can expect from the plugin, which will cost €30.95.


  • Accurately modeled British F-4E, F-4J and FGR2 Phantoms, each with unique animations for each variant
  • Custom effects for the ‘smoked’ J-79 and Rolls-Royce Spey engines
  • Full use of all MSFS effects such as G-steam, icing, contrails, and heat exhaust blur
  • Arrest hook and launch system compatible with moving aircraft carriers MSFS
  • Numerous liveries – see detailed description below.


  • 3D virtual cockpit based on the F-4J Phantom
  • Fully animated instruments and controls.
  • Custom coded INS with LAT/LONG entry requirements for complex navigation
  • Operational radar with air-to-air and air-to-ground modes
  • Custom modeled and coded internal staff for visibility based on user preference

aircraft systems

  • Radar
  • inertial navigation system
  • Fuel System – Transfer and Cross Feed
  • Hydraulic system
  • oxygen system
  • Air conditioning system: cabin pressurization and air conditioning, emergency depressurization controls
  • Thermal anti-icing system, including airframe and engine anti-icing
  • Autopilot, including pitch and bank hold
  • TACAN and VOR navigation, including IFF and TACAN navigator panels

Turning on

  • Independent lighting controls for captain and co-pilot
  • Dimmable dynamic flood lighting for a highly immersive and customizable nighttime environment


  • MSFS native sound pack (Wwise) taking full advantage of new MSFS capabilities
  • Recordings of Rolls-Royce Spey and J-79 engines from the royal aircraft

FDE and effects

  • Realistic and accurate flight dynamics based on real world performance and handling data via actual aircraft manuals

Other features

  • manual in pdf
  • Multiple interior and exterior camera presets, including wing views
  • Paint kit included so you can create your own paint schemes.
  • MSFS Checklists

We also get a list of liveries:

RAF FGR2 Phantom:

  • Squad 43 (camouflage)
  • black mike
  • 56 square
  • 92 square
  • 74 square

RN F4K Fleet Air Arm

892 Naval Air Squadron ‘007’, Fleet Air Arm

US Navy F4-J Phantoms:

  • Blue Angels
  • VF-96 CAG ‘Showtime 100’
  • VF-111 Sunset
  • VF-51 Screaming Eagles
  • VF-84 Jolly-Rogers

US Marine Corps F4-J:





  • 4th TFW (gray scheme)
  • 4th TFW, 337th TFS (‘MiG Killer’)
  • 347th TFW, 70th TFS ‘White Knights’
  • 20th FS, 49th FW, Holloman AFB, New Mexico
  • 469 TFS, 388 TFW ‘Betty Lou’

Alien Ghosts:

  • RAAF F-4E Phantom
  • Greek Air Force F-4E
  • Turkish F-4E
  • Israeli F-4E
  • Iranian F-4E

Next, we get the first images of the old Boeing 737-200 from blackbird simulationsalthough they are a work in progress showing the modeling being done for the flight deck.

An announcement is coming impulse simulations, and is the Bundaberg Airport (YBUD) in Australia. Although it is a small regional airport, it hosts a good number of plane flights. For now, we can only see the model created for the nearby JAM Outdoor office.

Last but not least, Aerosoft and its developer partner Aviation-Sim-Design launched Norden-Norddeich Airfield (EDWS) in Lower Saxony, Germany.

It is currently available at Aerosoft own shop for $13.41 with the following features.

  • Highly detailed 3D buildings with interiors for the terminal, HTM and FLN hangar
  • Realistic PBR textures on all objects.
  • Static aircraft in royal liveries (BN-2, H145, Cessna)
  • True-to-original runway and taxiway materials
  • Realistic night lighting (based on time of day)
  • Tailor-made aerial view for the entire airfield
  • PDF manual (English and German)
  • Various animations, for example, static helicopters entering and leaving the hangar, traffic, barriers, doors, etc.
  • Updated designs for taxiways and runways.
  • Tailor-made vegetation, roads and terrain / detailed trenches around the airfield
  • Optimized for maximum performance and visual quality
  • Parking with cars in the port / city of Norden
  • Models and textures based on on-site photographs
  • usable helipads


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