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Today, the third-party developers have posted new screenshots and a video of upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, including aircraft and scenery.

We take a fresh look at the Boeing 757 from Blue Bird Simulations, which released a video showing the spoilers in action. Please note that sounds and textures are still placeholders and will be replaced before the plane is released.


Below are some screenshots of Alice Springs Airport (YBAS) in Australia posted by impulse simulations. This time we can take a look at the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperations of the terminal on top of some vehicle models.

Moving on to releases, SoFly released their Pro Aircraft Checklist utility, which gives you access to non-interactive checklists similar in structure to those used by real pilots. is currently available at direct orbx and the developer own shop for about $10.

This is what you get.

  • Checklists for all Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft included
  • Access directly from within the sim via the in-sim toolbar (also compatible with Parallel 42 stream)
  • Everything from the A310 and B747-8 to the Cessna 152 and CubCrafters XCub
  • All checklists have been tried and tested to ensure they will power out from the cold and dark.
  • Over 80 expertly designed pages covering over 45 aircraft
  • Includes newly added aircraft from the 40th Anniversary Edition
  • Available in additional PDF format
  • Free updates planned for more aircraft as they are added to the simulator

Speaking of utilities, the popular FSLTL AI traffic solution has received a sizable upgrade to its base package that includes models and liveries. Issued at 1.2.0, it brings the total supported liveries to over 1650. It’s also worth mentioning that a recent update to the injector app fixed the recent issue with MSFS traffic in general causing aircraft to target the center of the runway when landing. , introduced in Sim Update 12.

Here are the full FSLTL update notes discord server. It can be downloaded directly from the FlyByWire Installer.

  • Additional liveries, total now over 1650+. Full livery/model list on the official site.
  • Reworked metallic effect capes for all aircraft.
  • Animation and model optimizations * Post-SU12 sound improvements
  • Asobo C208B, B350, C25C and GA aircraft optimized C172, C152, DA40, DA62, G36 added
  • Various livery/texture fixes and adjustments
  • Aircraft animations fixes (ATR, DH8)
  • Updated VMR file for Vatsim users

Microsoft flight simulator It is currently available for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, including Game Pass. If you want to learn more, you should keep an eye on TechRaptor as we do it every day. Microsoft flight simulator news to keep you up to date on the many addons coming and being released for the simulator. We also recently interviewed Microsoft’s Jorg Neumann about the Antonov An-225 “Mriya” and discussed Orbx’s Oslo Gardermoen Airport and RHDSimulations’ Boeing 767-300ER.

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