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Today, third-party developers had a lot of news and releases to share about add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, including airplanes and scenery.

we start with I only fly, which heralded a true military classic, the Avro Vulcan strategic bomber. The testing process has started with a basic flight model and just the primary systems for now, so there is a lot of work to be done.

More news will come at a later date, and the plane will also be coming to Xbox whenever the WASM issues are resolved (should be with the next Sim update on March 14).

Next, DC designs revealed new screenshots of the upcoming F-4 Phantom. This time we get to see the F-4E with its specific nose section that includes the extended nose cone, gun barrel casing, and reshaped oleo gear doors.

Since the conversion has gone well, the package will also include the British FGR.2 Phantom with different exhausts for the Rolls Royce Spey engines, and the F-4K that includes the hyper-extensible oleo kit for aircraft carrier launches that come with their own animation and Fleet. Air Arm livery.

The base modeling of the cabin has been completed and it is time to detail.

We also have a couple of aircraft releases, starting with SimWorks Studios’ Van’s Aircraft RV-10. The plane is currently available on the developer’s website. own shop and iniBuilds store from €14.99.

Includes the following.

  • Accurate 3D model and animations
  • Five custom liveries
  • Custom interior by Aerosports Products
  • Realistic, pilot-tested flight model of RV-10
  • Flutter animations by propwash
  • Visibility based on the weight of the co-pilot in the cockpit
  • Visibility based on the weight of luggage behind the seats
  • opening of exits
  • Animated air conditioning vents
  • Realistic lighting and backlighting
  • realistic outdoor lighting
  • Compatible with Sky4Sim NG tablet (
  • Includes MSFS rain and icing effects

FlySimware’s Nieuport 24 World War I biplane has also been released and is currently available for purchase. in Simmarket for $14.97 plus applicable VAT.

This is what you get:

  • Operational in the real world
  • Realistic flight dynamics
  • Full 4K PBR Textures
  • All sounds produced using gaming industry standard Wwise software
  • Engine sounds were produced by Sim Acoustics
  • Custom coded world indicators and animations
  • Includes a high quality animated bone pilot.
  • Parking mode / Chocks / Removable engine nacelle

we also got an update from PMDG, which announced that the Boeing 737-900 now has a launch date that should be February 23rd sometime after 18:00 Zulu time. The price should be higher than the 600 variant ($34.99) and lower than the 700 and 800 variants ($69.99). It will include “both the 737-900 and 737-900ER with blended winglets and split scimitar winglets.”

At the same time, existing versions will be updated and we will get more information about the development status of some highlights:

PMDG Universal Flight Tablet:
A quick summary of the progress here: As mentioned above, the biggest challenge in the tablet arena is that the C++/WASM aircraft cannot use the normal Windows communication methods that are necessary for the tablet to function as part of the aircraft. . We’ve gotten around this by creating a tablet outside the plane using a much simpler script-based language that allows it to talk to the outside world, but we’ve had significant engineering challenges getting the tablet and the plane to communicate with each other via the full spectrum of data you need to pass back and forth between the two. While the navigraph/charting data worked for many months, we finally got to the stage of starting to test the new means of communication which had to be designed from the ground up to make it easy for the table to talk to the aircraft for operational performance calculations. – and so far testing is progressing – but very slowly due to inadequate debugging tools available for such tasks.

We do not have a release date plan for the tablet, and we are taking our time to ensure that these new methods provide a stable and reliable communication process so that once you have the tablet, it seems to work smoothly and effortlessly. .

Modernized implementation of Navdata:
One of the many slow-speed update processes we’ve had working in the background is a long-promised update to our browsing data format. This is progressing and will come to the 737 once we feel it stable and ready to go. This will unlock greater precision in RNP procedures and further improve lateral navigation stability. As usual, we don’t share ETA information, but this will be rolled out when it’s ready as part of a free update, similar to how we bring all other feature updates and enhancements that come on the plane.

PMDG 777:
Work continues apace… We currently don’t plan to show anything here until well after the 900 is on the market, but that day is getting closer.

Moving on to the scenario, we learn of another relevant update, that of the Denver International Airport (KDEN) in the US. by Flightbeam Studios. Since it is so big, it will be divided into 2-3 updates, and each terminal will be completely renewed.

This is what each update will include, focusing on one of the terminals.

  • New 4k textures and updated PBR
  • Exterior modeling updates
  • Completely new interior, completely redone from scratch.
  • New Flightbeam Gen-5 Jetways at each door
  • Static passengers at some doors
  • … and most obviously… the new enlarged section of the terminal.

The first update will include the newly revamped Concourse B and should be coming soon, and will also include the proper airline codes for AI traffic at all gates.

Next, we received the announcement of Bavarian Airfields 2 of airsoft and its developer partner ClearPropStudios. The package includes 7 airfields that will also be available separately.

Moving on to the scenario releases, iniBuilds had something special to share, and it’s The Mara Safari Pack, available from the developer’s website. own shop free? That is certainly a good deal!

It basically does what it says on the tin, offering a beautiful safari area in southwestern Kenya. This is what he gets for the convenient price of a “thank you.”

  • 4 upgraded airfields, each with spawnable helipads
  • HK0A – Mara Serena, HKKH – Kichwa Tembo, HKLP – Angama Mara, HK48 – Musiara
  • 9 safari camps
  • Hand-placed wildlife over a wide area including elephants, giraffes and flamingos
  • Custom 3D objects including tents, camps, clutter, and people


From the savannah to the sea, SeafFront simulations launched Vessels Madeira, bringing more life to the waters around the famous holiday destination.

Is available in direct orbx for $8.31 which includes the following freebies.

  • PBR models
  • More than 150 boats traveling the coast
  • Navigation and night lighting
  • Contrail and smoke visual effects
  • Various ground and moving ships!

Microsoft flight simulator It is currently available for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, including Game Pass. If you want to learn more, you should keep an eye on TechRaptor as we host daily Microsoft flight simulator news to keep you up to date on the many addons coming and being released for the simulator.

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