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Today, third-party developers shared new screenshots about upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, including aircraft and scenery.

We start with Aerosoft, which showed new images of the upcoming Airbus A330 from the project manager. Mathijs Kok and beta tester BaxterBoy. While the plane doesn’t have a release date yet, we can see the Turkish Airlines livery and a view of the wing with the flaps extended above a single screenshot of the SAS livery.

By the way, we listen Kok’s about support plans after launch, including the fact that the next project will be announced next week.

“This A330ceo is our base model. All the code created is intended to be used by all Airbus projects that will follow. Therefore, after the A330ceo is launched, the same team will continue to work on the project. Not just for to make the changes for the next aircraft, but also to add features to the base code, which will be usable on all models.With the investment spread across more products, the cost is reduced.

Now exactly what we will do depends on many things. Of course, we will need to extend and maintain the codebase. There are things that just won’t be included in the initial release. But we have plans to extend the EFB, and something like RAAS is certainly possible. However, we need to see how many aircraft we model actually have RAAS. I don’t do surveys or anything like that, but we’ll definitely listen to suggestions! That’s what this section of the forum is for!”

The following screenshot comes from blackbird simulations and features the developer’s upcoming SR-71 Blackbird. Unfortunately this comes on a sad occasion as it was released to celebrate the recent passing of well known Major pilot Brian Shul. As such, let me take the liberty of link to something really coolas a little extra tribute.

Blackbird mentions that Shul spent some time with one of Blackbird’s developers while they were working on the plane.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Blackbird

Lastly, Pacific Islands Simulation was released new screenshots showing the interior of the terminal at Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC) in the US. The developer is targeting a late-June launch.

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